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Client Call From The TV Ad, I'm Not interested In Selling But My Neighbor Is, Can You Help Him?

Hello again my name is Chris Russo with 123soldcash.com.I have deals with probate, a general law, all types of real estate. And, you know, that’s far as far as that’s concerned. I also buy property anywhere in the state of Florida. I specifically buy in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach. I’ve bought in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando. And I have a lot of sellers calling from my advertisement that live down in Florida and they might say, “Chris, I don’t have a property in Florida, but I have a property elsewhere. So a person called from my TV commercial and she happens to be I think in Pembroke Pines. So Chris, I don’t have a property here, but I have a property in Lucerne Valley, California. And I said, sure, I’ll look into it. So I looked into it. It’s a property, as she said, it needs work. I think it’s a three bedroom, two bath, and I think her son moved in there, and I think she wants to sell it as soon as the son moves out. And I said sure, I gave her an offer and let me see if I have some information on the property. Yes, I have it here. The average, let me see here. Has like 2100 square feet and the average per square foot, it’s around 275,000. I looked in the area, has multiple properties for sale in the area, so it seems like it’s a hot area. I gave an offer. I sent the contract to her. She goes Chris soon as my son leaves the property I’ll give you a call. We’ll put it up for sale as you see, you know, I could buy anywhere in the country long as it makes sense the numbers and my majority of the properties I buy are in Florida So, you know, that’s what that’s what happened with this one. Um, just to change the subject a little I also buy you know different properties. I bought four plexus I bought multi-family small commercial properties and they also buy believe it or not mobile homes I’ve live mobile homes with the land and without the land with the land is that they own the land and they own the mobile home and the other one is where they just own the mobile home and they’re renting usually the rent average around like $800 a month and a lot of times you know when it comes to mobile homes I ask them you know how many bedroom baths obviously what type of mobile home if it’s a single wide or double wide I ask them the model and the make and so I also buy mobile homes with land and without land also so I also buy mobile home parks that’s another one I like to buy so you know there’s different properties out there so if you have a property that you’re looking to sell I’ll look into it and if I’m not able to buy I have partners that might be interested also Let me see what else I do I do I’ve done probate I do evictions I bought property where there had tenants in the property inheritance squatters one time I bought a property they had Five people stay in the property because the owner knew mall from the alcohol anonymous. So you let him stay there. They’re all paying him for $50 a month but after a while they stopped paying and he threatened to say listen I’m gonna sell the property. They didn’t believe him. So finally he spoke to me. We had a good rapport and he finally did want to sell the property. They still didn’t believe him. So I had to send them notes to each one. I said the property’s for sale and I’d like them to leave at closing. Obviously they’re not gonna leave. So I gave them cash for keys and then I had them sign a letter once I gave them the cash that once they receive it that they’re not gonna come back and they received the cash. And then work and it worked and then there’s one person was a female and at the end She goes I’m waiting for my uber driver to come pick me up. Probably the person never shut up So I gave her $50 for another uber driver which worked and she left the guy until this day I closed that maybe I don’t know two three years ago every holiday. He calls me. Hey Chris. How you doing? How’s everything? I’m a how’s you in fact, he moved up north with his relatives. So he’s so happy He calls me every day. He’s like my friend So I made a lot of friends in the business. All the sellers I stay in contact with and they’re my friends. I always ask them if they have other properties for sale or if they’re looking to or if they have friends that might be interested in selling and I can help them out. In fact, I got a lead the other day and go listen, I have a neighbor. I’m not interested in selling but my neighbor is. So I keep calling and calling. So sooner or later I’ll get that one and it’s the actually it’s a new person interested in selling their property. It’s not in South Florida. It’s up north and she goes, oh, this is my neighbor. Her husband died and she wants to sell right away. It needs a lot of work. I said sure I’ll buy it. And so I’m working on that one, waiting for them to call me. So as you can see, always looking to buy, always ready to buy. I work seven days a week, 24 hours, 24/7. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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