6 Smart Tips to Help You Sell a Damaged Home in Florida

A damaged home in Florida can be a nightmare to sell. Most buyers are not interested when there is visible damage on a listing, preferring homes ready for immediate occupancy. However, if they have the time, inclination, and finances to take on a project, some buyers may take a chance and toss an insultingly low … Continued

Single and Ready to Sell Your Home in Tampa FL? Answering Your Top Divorce and Mortgage Questions

Looking to move on after finalizing your divorce? It’s common to seek a fresh start, which often involves leaving behind reminders of the past, like your marital home. If you’re considering selling your house during a divorce, particularly if both spouses are joint owners with a shared mortgage, the process can be complex. Fortunately, 123SoldCash.com, … Continued

Homeowners Insurance 101: A Guide for Homebuyers in Florida

Homeowners insurance. You know you should probably have it, and if you have a mortgage, you’re required to have it. But how much do you know about it beyond that – what it covers (and does not cover), the types of policies, how much coverage you need? What happens in case of minor damage from … Continued

How to Make Sure Your Contractor is Insured in Florida

You’ve wanted to renovate your cramped, outdated kitchen for ages. Or perhaps you are deciding between staying in your home after major damages or selling and walking away from some potential pricey repairs. Like many, asking around among friends and co-workers may initially help find and hire a contractor, but making sure your contractor is … Continued

World Water Day: Ensuring Sustainable Water for All

March 22nd marks World Water Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of water resources. History and Significance Origins of World Water Day World Water Day was first observed in 1993, following the United Nations General Assembly’s declaration to designate March 22nd as an … Continued

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The primary objective of the day is to promote solidarity among people of all races and backgrounds and raise awareness about the negative impacts of racial discrimination. Current State of Racial Discrimination Global Perspectives Racial discrimination continues to be a pervasive issue worldwide, affecting individuals and communities across various regions and demographics. Key Challenges and … Continued