406. The Top 10 Tips To Sell Your House Fast In Miami FL

Did you know that staging your home can reduce its time on the market? On average, staged homes sit for 23 days compared to un-staged homes that can take up to 225 days. As local Miami, FL home buyers, we know how to sell your house fast. Boost your curb appeal, promote your property via social media, hire a professional photographer, and choose your upgrades wisely. Depersonalize your home before showing it to potential buyers. Use these tips to sell your house faster in Florida.

1. Two Words To Sell Your Miami Home Fast: Curb appeal

To sell your house quickly in Miami, FL, you need good curb appeal. Potential buyers decide within seconds if they can picture themselves living there. Enhance your house’s curb appeal by taking an objective view. Survey your front yard, trim the lawn, and plant flowers. Consider renovating your garage, especially if it has dents, as it’s a significant part of the front yard.

2. Be Upgrade Savvy For The Florida Property

Upgrades shouldn’t break the bank. Focus on the master bathroom and kitchen, which are the most important rooms in your home, according to Forbes. Small changes like new knobs or cabinet swaps can make a big difference.

3. Your House In Miami Is Not Your Home Anymore

A house is defined as a building for human habitation, while a home is where one lives permanently as a member of a family. When selling a house, depersonalize it by removing personal items like photos and memorabilia.

4. Flexibility Is Your Middle Name When Selling A Property In Miami

To sell your house quickly, be flexible with potential buyers. Consider working from home if they need to see the house at a specific time. Keep the house tidy and store any items lying around in a closet to make the house more presentable. Remember, every little bit counts!

5. Harness The Power Of Social Media To Sell The House In Miami

Your real estate agent markets your house, but you can help by promoting it on social media. Ask family and friends to post about your house being for sale. Living in Florida means there are plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful views and share them on Facebook and Instagram. Take advantage of your knowledge of the area and share the best views with potential buyers.

6. Pottery Barn-up Your Miami House With Proper Staging

Investing in staging can help you sell your house faster, even if you don’t use Pottery Barn pieces. Remember the stats we shared earlier? Well, let’s put them into action. If your mortgage is $3,000 per month and direct expenses amount to $1,000, you’re spending approximately $4,000 a month.

If you choose not to use staging, your home is likely to stay on the market for about 225 days, or 8 months. Doing the math: $4,000 (mortgage and direct expenses) x 8 months = $32,000. And, for part of this time, you won’t even be living in the home.

On the other hand, spending an average of $675 on staging can help you sell your property faster and possibly for a better deal.

7. Know When To Sell The Home In Florida

Did you know there’s statistically a good time to sell?

Yep, according to a Zillow study, homes that were on the market between May 1 and March 15 sold on average 18.5 days faster.

8. No House Selfies In Photos Of Your Miami House

It is crucial to hire a professional photographer to capture the essence of your house. They have received training in this field and have the expertise to determine the best angles and lighting for your property. With 90% of homebuyers searching for homes online, having high-quality and professional photographs of your house can make it stand out from the rest and attract more potential buyers. Furthermore, it may even increase the value of your home.

9. The Price Of The FL Property Is Right

It’s crucial to price your house appropriately when selling it. If you set the price too low, you might end up losing out on potential profits. On the other hand, if you price it too high, you may not receive any offers at all. This is where hiring a real estate agent can be beneficial. Based on the current housing market, they can help you set a fair price for your property, which will speed up the selling process and ensure that you receive the money you deserve.

10. Keep Pets Away When Selling Your House In Florida

It’s best to remove your pets from your home if possible. You never know if a potential buyer might have allergies to cats or a phobia of dogs. Although you may adore your furry family members, it’s better to be safe and keep your pets away during home showings.

Sell My House in Miami FL

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