93. I’m looking for a trouble property to buy in the neighborhood, maybe the seller need my help.

I'm Looking For A Trouble Property To Buy In The Neighborhood, Maybe The Seller Need My Help.

I’m looking for a trouble property to buy in the neighborhood, maybe the seller need my help.

I’m looking for a trouble property to buy in the neighborhood that has squatters, overgrown grass. Container with unfinished construction, abandoned properties, estate properties, maybe the seller need my help!

How are you doing today uh today we’re driving around looking for properties uh actually I’m driving around looking for Park before I go to my appointment um looking for any properties that are uh abandoned we like abandoned properties estate properties properties that have code violations anything that’s out of the unusual there’s a property there let me see right over there that they have a can a big container there’s a lot of garbage in the in container that might be a possibility um my favorite well my properties that I like are the properties that are you know have squatters in it they’re um evictions uh code overgrown grass uh these are sellers that need my help there’s board on the Windows there’s blue tarps on the uh on the roofs and those are the things that the sellers need my help and once I see one of those properties I can contact them maybe send a piece of mail or call them and see if they’d be interested in selling their property and my main thing is to number one is to help the seller and see if I can help them out of their situation obviously they have some sort of situation and um and I call them be friendly and say Hey you know this is Chris one two three so cash I’ve been doing business for over 30 years and um see if I can help you and um sometimes I say yes sometimes they’re not not right now so I just follow up follow up with them I become their friends and eventually if they decide to sell they’ll give me a call to give me a chance uh so yeah I’ve been doing this 30 years I deal with all types of situations uh you name it uh right now lately I’ve been having a lot of sellers call me that are elderly uh people that um for example a lot of condos it’s been more than 40 years they reassess in their buildings and so they need to repair their buildings especially with the uh sad situation that happened in Miami Beach and then what happened is they placed an assessment on each Union owner it could be in the thousands nine hundred thousand two thousand whatever it is and normally they’re paying as low as maybe 400 a month 600 plus the 2 000 there’s not able to handle both and I really feel sorry for them and they need to sell and um here we’re coming across another property let me see here it is has a container a bunch of people in front of the house it’s an estate sale um they have pee all over the place no parking uh pretty interesting and uh there’s a lot of people there so I’m sure someone’s gonna bid on that property and uh and win it’s a nice neighborhood it’s clean um and looking around a lot of clean properties um so you never know there might be something that stands out and then I would be interested in contacting the seller and helping them out so this is the day in life of Christopher Russo from one two three sold cash uh today I’m driving around actually driving to my appointment but every time I drive to my appointment I was driving around before to see if I can help another seller out and that’s about it so I’ll see you on the next video thank you bye-bye

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