18. Are Florida Rent-to-Own Homes a Scam?

If one has traversed the streets of Florida FL, or perused the online listings of Craigslist or similar platforms, they may have happened upon a striking advertisement that proclaims, “Acquire a domicile for $500 each month. No scrutiny of your credit history required!”

While it seems too good to be true, local rent-to-own homes are a viable option that many Florida residents are taking advantage of.


Are Florida Rent-to-Own Homes a Scam?

There exist a small number of deceivers in every industry who engage in unscrupulous activities, which ultimately harm the reputations of others who operate with integrity. However, it must be emphasized that lease-to-own or rent-to-own properties are not scams and provide an exceptional opportunity for those who are currently unable to obtain a mortgage due to their financial circumstances to begin their journey towards homeownership. Numerous reputable sources online provide compelling evidence that lease-to-own (alternatively referred to as a “lease option” by some) is a viable and advantageous method to realize one’s dream of owning a home.

The rent-to-own process is an uncomplicated, yet nuanced, concept. It entails the following steps:

  1. The purchaser and vendor enter into an accord pertaining to the property’s value, monthly lease payment, and the time frame during which the purchaser will be allowed to acquire ownership.
  2. The purchaser occupies the dwelling and commences paying rent. Meanwhile, they work to re-establish their creditworthiness, or explore alternative methods of financing to procure the home through traditional means. This active pursuit towards home ownership elicits the same sentiments of satisfaction as those experienced by proprietors.
  3. Upon the termination of the agreed-upon term, the purchaser may choose to purchase the property at the previously arranged cost.

Things To Consider With Your Florida Rent To Own Home / Lease Option

Although rent-to-own homes can be a lucrative business opportunity in Florida, potential buyers must be aware of several key factors that require consideration.

Purchasing a home is a multifaceted financial decision that necessitates comprehensive evaluation, and entering into a rent-to-own agreement is no exception. There are various factors that should be weighed carefully:

  • Unlike with a traditional home purchase, if a renter defaults on a payment, the entire contract may be deemed null and void. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of the agreement and to inquire with the property owner regarding the default clause. Trustworthy real estate organizations, such as 123SoldCash, will provide this information and address any inquiries you may have.
  • In the event that you opt not to purchase the property or are unable to secure financing, any “credit” (if applicable) that you may have acquired is likely to be forfeited.
  • The “option fee” that is paid upfront for a rent-to-own agreement is often a non-refundable fee. As such, it is important to be certain that the property you are considering is the correct choice for you prior to signing any documents.
  • In contrast to conventional rental agreements, in a rent-to-own scenario, the tenant is typically responsible for a majority of repairs.

Some Advantages of Renting To Own A Local Florida FL Home

Renting to own may not be devoid of risk (as no financial decision is free of risk), but there are a plethora of advantages:

  • Prospective buyers can conduct a “trial” of the neighborhood before making a commitment to a mortgage that spans three decades.
  • Families can swiftly move in and enroll their children in the local school district.
  • Buyers with credit complications have ample time to rectify their financial predicament.
  • The landlord has a lessee who is compelled to maintain the property in top condition.
  • The landlord is guaranteed monthly payments, which could cover mortgage payments.
  • By including those who do not have impeccable credit, the landlord’s property has a higher market reach.

All things considered, not only is renting to own a home in Florida definitely not a scam, but a legitimate option for both buyers and sellers.  If you want more information on renting to own a Florida house, the process, and our available list of local Florida rent to own houses / lease options, click the big link below.

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