195. Moving? Learn When to Call a Mover in FL

Ah moving! Should you do it yourself? Or should you hire some help? In this article, we will help you determine if you should go at it solo, and when to call a mover in FL. 

Ask Yourself These Questions When Considering Using a Mover

How Much Are You Moving?

Engaging the services of a mover can be the most viable option for individuals looking to transport large and cumbersome items. Movers are seasoned professionals in the art of packing, lifting, and efficiently conveying one’s possessions from one location to another. In comparison to an individual’s six trips, a mover may only require one.

How Far Are You Going?

When to Call a Mover - how far are you moving?Should you find yourself in the position of relocating to a new dwelling, undertaking the task unassisted could prove to be a viable option if the distance is relatively short. Nevertheless, as the distance expands, so does the complexity of the venture.

The expenses incurred will rise exponentially as the distance increases. Why is this the case? Because a long-distance move is no easy feat! Consider it in this manner: would you prefer to economize or to expedite the process?

Are You Comfortable Behind The Wheel?

It is crucial to recognize that the size of moving trucks can vary greatly, ranging from around 12 to 30 feet. Furthermore, if you are also towing a vehicle, you can anticipate adding at least another 10 feet to the overall length. One must consider whether they have experience operating a larger vehicle, as this can have a significant impact on the moving process.

While choosing to move your belongings yourself can result in cost savings, it is imperative to ensure that you are comfortable driving a vehicle of this size, particularly in heavily populated urban areas.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

If you intend to traverse the nation with a colossal moving vehicle, the process shall be prolonged and might require several days to accomplish. The sluggish speed of your truck, coupled with the increased frequency of refueling shall impede your progress. You will also be compelled to make several overnight stops to rest.

When you consider the time consumed by the packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking phases, you might find it prudent to engage the services of professionals. Skilled and efficient movers can hasten the transition and deliver you to your destination in a timely manner.

Will You Have Any Help?

If you are relocating to another town, it is possible that you can cajole (persuade) your acquaintances or kin to lend you a helping hand. However, if you are relocating to an entirely novel city, the possibility of having such a support network available to you is dubious. Be aware that moving is a physically demanding task, and if you are undertaking it alone, you should prepare for the strenuous work that awaits you!

A couple of things to bear in mind:

  • Ensure that you have essential items with you that you will need straight away. Pack a suitcase as if you were embarking on an extended expedition. Keep toiletries, clothing, academic/work-related articles, and other everyday items within reach. There could be delays when using moving companies, so it is prudent to prepare in advance.
  • You might also contemplate moving crucial items in your car and leaving the furniture to the professionals. Load up your automobile and embark on that transcontinental road journey that you have always fantasized about! Make it an exciting experience!
  • And when it comes to your furniture: If the cost of shipping exceeds the value of the furniture, it is preferable to abandon it. You would be better off selling or contributing the item and then replacing it once you have settled in your new city.

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