487. How To Know If You Should Work With An Investor or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House in Kissimmee, FL

How To Know If You Should Work With An Investor or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House in Florida

Are you thinking about selling your house? Here’s how to know if you should work with an investor or hire a real estate agent to sell your house in Kissimmee, FL!

The landscape of the real estate industry is undergoing significant transformation, and we firmly believe that these changes stand to be advantageous for individuals looking to sell their homes. Presently, homeowners in Kissimmee, FL have the option not only to enlist the services of a Kissimmee, FL real estate agent but also to engage with real estate investors who possess the capability to promptly acquire their properties directly. As with any choice, there exist both advantages and disadvantages associated with each approach. By affording sellers a spectrum of choices, the dedicated team at 123SoldCash is exceptionally well-equipped to assist property owners in Kissimmee, FL in achieving successful sales outcomes, irrespective of factors such as the property’s condition, location, or the specific circumstances surrounding the sale.

Why Work With A Kissimmee, FL Real Estate Agent

Collaborating with a real estate agent in Kissimmee, FL has the potential to yield the highest possible sale price for your home. In a conventional real estate sale, it’s important for sellers to recognize that the process typically entails a considerable duration during which they will incur holding costs and other associated expenses while their property is listed on the market. Provided that the seller is comfortable with the upfront costs and the prospect of an indeterminate waiting period, opting for a listing can indeed represent a viable and rewarding choice.

This approach is particularly well-suited for individuals who are keen on maximizing their sale proceeds. However, they should be willing to undertake necessary repairs, engage in staging, facilitate property showings, and remain patient throughout the sale process, which may have an uncertain duration. In exchange for the potential of securing a higher sale price, sellers who choose to work with a Kissimmee, FL real estate agent should be prepared to allocate approximately 6% of the sale price toward agent commissions, in addition to another 2% for closing costs.

Why Work With A Local Property Buyer?

When it comes to selling your property swiftly, especially if you have a pressing deadline, exploring the option of selling directly to a home buyer could be your most advantageous course of action. The traditional route of listing your house in Kissimmee, FL doesn’t offer any guaranteed outcomes, and it often comes with its own set of uncertainties. However, by opting for a direct sale with 123SoldCash, you gain the advantage of a rapid property liquidation without incurring any associated costs. This means you won’t need to allocate funds for agent commissions, ongoing holding expenses, listing fees, or even closing costs.

It’s worth noting that while the sale price in a direct transaction may not reach full retail value, when you consider the time, money, and stress saved, both options can prove to be quite comparable from a financial standpoint. Our team specializes in assisting individuals facing various challenges, such as probate, tax issues, property liens, code violations, foreclosure threats, or problematic tenants. For those navigating such complex situations, a hassle-free and cost-free property sale can represent the long-awaited solution they’ve been seeking.

What The Numbers Say

When it comes down to it, listing your house will likely bring in more cash. However, there are many costs upfront home sellers will face and that they should be made aware of. Often when listing your house with a Kissimmee, FL real estate agent, you will have to:

  • Spend time and money on repairs to get the house ready for the MLS
  • Possibly make upgrades so that the house is competitive with others on the market
  • Pay the continued holding costs for things such as taxes, HOA fees, homeowners insurance, utility bills, and routine maintenance
  • When the house sells, you will be on the hook for about a 6% commission

Selling your house directly in Kissimmee, FL won’t cost you anything either upfront or after the sale. This can mean the difference between spending thousands of dollars or keeping that cash in your pocket.

Your Time Commitment

In addition to the upfront cash, choosing to list your property with a Kissimmee, FL real estate agent will also consume a significant portion of your time. You’ll be tasked with maintaining the house in a constantly presentable state for impromptu property showings, which can often occur with minimal notice. If you opt for a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing, you must be prepared to dedicate your time to screening inquiries, addressing queries, and making yourself readily available to showcase the property. Furthermore, a substantial amount of your time will be invested in marketing efforts to ensure your property reaches the eyes of potential buyers.

However, when you opt for a direct sale to 123SoldCash, you can relinquish the need to allocate any of your time to oversee the sale of your home. We will extend an offer, and the remainder of the process is left in your hands. Should you choose to proceed with the sale, we can swiftly conclude the transaction in a matter of mere days. You have the freedom to take what you desire and leave the rest behind. We assume responsibility for handling the necessary paperwork, addressing any unwanted items, and tending to any required repairs for the property, alleviating you of these burdens.

Final Thoughts… 

In the final analysis, it’s crucial to acknowledge that both selling approaches come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a homeowner looking to sell in Kissimmee, FL, it’s of paramount importance that you conduct a thorough evaluation of the financial aspects associated with your particular property and unique circumstances before making a definitive commitment to a specific selling method. Should you find yourself grappling with uncertainties or inquiries regarding the process of selling your house in Kissimmee, FL, our dedicated team stands ready to offer guidance and support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at your convenience, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Are you uncertain if you should work with an investor or hire a real estate agent in Kissimmee, FL to sell your house? Reach out to us today to get all of the answers you need!

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