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7 – Allow or Reject Creditor Claims

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PROBATE: Allow or Reject Creditor Claims – How to Navigate the Process

When a loved one passes away, their assets and debts become part of their estate. Before those assets can be distributed to heirs or beneficiaries, their debts must be paid off. This is where probate comes in. Probate is the legal process of administering an estate, paying off debts, and distributing assets. During probate, creditors have the opportunity to make claims against the estate. As the executor of the estate, you must decide whether to allow or reject those claims. 

Making the right decision can be difficult. On the one hand, you want to be fair to your loved one’s creditors. On the other hand, you want to make sure that the estate’s assets are distributed as intended. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of allowing or rejecting creditor claims during probate. 

Allowing Creditor Claims 

Allowing creditor claims means that you are accepting the debt as valid and agreeing to pay it off using assets from the estate. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach: 


  • Fulfilling legal obligations: As the executor of the estate, it is your legal obligation to pay off your loved one’s debts. Allowing creditor claims is a way to fulfill that obligation. 
  • Avoiding legal issues: If you reject a valid creditor claim, the creditor may take legal action against the estate. Allowing the claim can help you avoid costly legal battles. 
  • Simplifying the process: Allowing creditor claims can simplify the probate process. You won’t have to spend time arguing over the validity of each claim. 


  • Reducing the value of the estate: Allowing creditor claims means that the assets in the estate will be used to pay off debts. This can reduce the value of the estate that will be distributed to heirs or beneficiaries. 
  • Delaying distribution of assets: Paying off creditor claims can take time, which means that the distribution of assets to heirs or beneficiaries may be delayed. 
  • Overpaying creditors: Some creditors may try to inflate their claims in the hopes of receiving more money from the estate. Allowing these claims can result in overpaying creditors. 

Rejecting Creditor Claims 

Rejecting creditor claims means that you are disputing the validity of the debt and refusing to pay it off using assets from the estate. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach: 


  • Protecting the estate’s assets: Rejecting creditor claims can help protect the assets in the estate, ensuring that they are distributed as intended. 
  • Protecting the heirs or beneficiaries: By rejecting creditor claims, you may be able to ensure that heirs or beneficiaries receive more of the estate’s assets. 
  • Challenging inflated claims: Some creditors may try to inflate their claims. By rejecting these claims, you can challenge their validity and ensure that the estate is not overpaying creditors. 


  • Legal issues: If you reject a valid creditor claim, the creditor may take legal action against the estate. This can result in costly legal battles. 
  • Delaying the process: Rejecting creditor claims can slow down the probate process, delaying the distribution of assets to heirs or beneficiaries. 
  • Risking personal liability: If you reject a valid creditor claim and it turns out that you were wrong, you may be personally liable for the debt. 


Q: What happens if I can’t pay off all of my loved one’s debts? 

If there isn’t enough money in the estate to pay off all of your loved one’s debts, the estate will be considered insolvent. In that case, the court will decide how to distribute the remaining assets to creditors. 

Q: How do I determine which creditor claims are valid? 

Valid creditor claims are those that are supported by evidence, such as invoices, receipts, and contracts. You should review each claim carefully and consult with an attorney if you’re unsure about its validity. 

Q: What if I disagree with a creditor’s claim but don’t want to reject it outright? 

You can negotiate with creditors to try to reach a compromise. For example, you might offer to pay a portion of the debt in exchange for the creditor dropping the claim. 

Q: Can I be held personally liable for my loved one’s debts? 

As the executor of the estate, you are responsible for paying off your loved one’s debts using assets from the estate. However, you are not personally liable for those debts unless you co-signed on a loan or otherwise agreed to be responsible for them. 

Deciding whether to allow or reject creditor claims during probate can be a difficult decision. It’s important to carefully review each claim and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, consult with an attorney who specializes in probate law. Ultimately, your goal should be to fulfill your legal obligations while ensuring that your loved one’s assets are distributed as intended.

Probate Court: Contact Info and Resources

Probate litigation occurs at the county level in Florida. To find the probate website for any of the 67 counties in Florida, click here. This website provides useful information and resources to help you navigate the probate process in Florida, including forms, instructions, and contact information for the circuit court in each county.

The process of probate in the state of Florida mandates that legal documents be filed with the county court where the deceased individual resided at the time of their death. Florida comprises of 67 counties, and each county has its own circuit court. Please click here to locate the physical address of each court. It is crucial to file the probate petition in the correct jurisdiction as it significantly affects the legal proceedings. To ensure compliance with Florida’s laws and regulations, seeking the guidance and assistance of a competent legal practitioner is highly recommended.

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