We specialize in probate inheritance evictions Squatters all different types of situations.

Homeowner sees my TV commercial in Florida and say, by any chance, would you buy outside of Florida?

Hello again my name is Chris Russo with 123soldcash.com. We buy houses cash as is condition, closing on the day of your choice. We also do post occupancy where you can close and we can give you up to 30 days after closing rent free to stay in the property. So you can receive your money and then you can get everything in order to purchase the new property or whatever your new or rent a property. We do that we do all types of situations we specialize in probate inheritance evictions Squatters all different types of situations. So let me talk about the deal of the day. Okay again We’ve just got another offer accepted by one two three sold cash Okay Gentlemen call from my TV commercial and the properties and hope sound believe that’s north of Jupiter Island In fact, I think I think he works in Fort Lauderdale. And let me see here, it’s a Hope Sound, it’s a two bedroom, two bath, in good condition, around 1,526 square feet, lot size around 5,032, year built 2002, fairly new. And the situation with this is that his mom died and he wants to sell the property. So I said, sure, I made him an offer, sent it over, and he said, yep, that’s fine. So he’d rather deal with me at a lower price than with a realtor. He said, “Chris, you know, I know he can get a higher amount, but I don’t want to deal with a realtor, all the showings, the open houses, this and that. If you give me cash offer at the lower amount, I’ll take it and just move on.” Okay, fine. So I typed up all the information, I sent him the contract, and I noticed it was in his mom’s name. Automatically, first of all, I want to disclose I’m not an attorney. But this is from my knowledge and experience in working with probate and I always double check with my probate attorney. I said, “Oh, I see it’s still in your mom’s name.” But he says, “Did you go through probate? If not, then we need to go through probate.” So no, it’s in a trust. Again, I’m not an attorney, but this is from what I understand with trust. He put it in a trust before closing, so if something happens to the mom and she dies, he’s the trustee of the estate. So therefore, he’s avoiding probate. So he can actually sell the property and move on and he doesn’t need to spend money and time going through the probate process. So he said he’s a trustee. I said great. Okay, great. So I sent him the offer. He said yes, I like it. Let me just look it over. I’ll sign this and send it back. It’s a nice clean house and hope sound. So I normally buy in Miami-Dade, Broward County, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, actually anywhere in the state of Florida. And there are some cases where the homeowner sees my TV commercial in Florida and say, by any chance, would you buy outside of Florida? I’ve closed a deal in New Jersey. I bought property and there’s one I’m working with probably in two weeks. She’ll be ready. That’s in California. So mainly anywhere in the state of Florida. So just give me the information and then I’ll let you know if I can do it or not. We buy single family, townhouses, condominiums. We love land. We buy land. I bought several pieces of land last year. I do plexus, triplex, fourplex, small commercial. Tell me what you have and I’ll see what I can do. And so that was the case on this one. Really nice guy and we have a good rapport and very pleasant to deal with and I’m very transparent. I tell him exactly what it is, what I can do. And he said, “Chris, I’d rather deal with a company like you who pays all cash as is and just get it over with. I know I can get a higher amount.” And I tell them also. And it’s up to them, you know, and it’s up to their decision and he’s very happy with my offer and hopefully we can close in a few weeks I’m sure based on this talking to him that everything’s in order title You know, we just need to see the copy of the trust make sure the trustee Have any questions, you know, my the title company would look go over the trust if for some reason she doesn’t know she sends it to her underwriter because they’re going to insure the property and uh, you should the title so and if there’s any other questions when reference the trust I can always call my attorney. So again, that was the deal that I purchased today and I’ll see you on the next video. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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