139. Real Testimonials – Mrs. Cooper – Lauderhill – FL

Real Testimonial 123SoldCash.com  - Mrs. Cooper -  Lauderhill - FL

Real Testimonials – Mrs. Cooper – Lauderhill – FL

Mrs. Cooper, how was your experience with 123SoldCash.com?

Well, it was a rough experience, but having Chris Russo,

I couldn’t have done it without his patience. He was persistent, but he was there for me whatever I needed and he was just there. And if I needed him to help me do whatever I needed to do to get the property, you know, sold, he was there. And personally, he was, he’s just a genuine person. Awesome. Yes.

Would you recommend 123SoudCash.com?

Oh yes, if it’s Chris Russo, that’s going to be in charge of them because I don’t think anyone else would have done what Chris did, which he didn’t have to, you know. Well, thank you so much for sharing your experience, Mrs. Cooper. I love him, I really do. Yes, I do. He was just there for me. Mrs. Cooper, he was so polite, courteous. I can’t say enough about him.

Awesome. And I never even met him in person. Really, I would love to, but he’s such a genuine person. Awesome. Thank you.

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