105. Property requiring probate in Tampa , FL. Where does the process start?


Hello everyone, this is Chris Russo from 123soldcash.com, and I hope you are doing well today. While driving around, I decided to stop and take this video to talk about a deal that I came across. The property is located in Tampa and came to me through Google. It’s a vacant four-bedroom, two-bathroom house that needs some work. Recently, I spoke with a lady named Beasley, who called me saying that she was the only surviving heir to the property. She explained that her uncle had passed away, and she needed to sell the house as she was in dire need of cash. However, I informed her that the property was in the name of an estate, and she did not have the authority to sell it. I advised Beasley to contact my probate attorney, who would ask her for all the required information, evaluate the situation, and guide her through the process. After discussing with the attorney, I learned that she was one of the four heirs to the property, and therefore, the property needed to go through probate before any sale could take place. Beasley initially resisted this idea, claiming that the property belonged to her, and she could easily transfer it to her name through a quick claim deed. However, I had to explain to her that a quick claim deed held no weight in this situation, and it was mandatory to go through the probate process to legally transfer the property ownership. To avoid any further complications, I suggested that I will front the costs of probate, which would be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. This way, Beasley would not need to pay any upfront costs or hard-core fees that generally go into recording documents. Once the attorney started communicating with her, she agreed to the idea and was relieved to have found a solution to her problem. Beasley even revealed that her uncle had a vast portfolio of properties, and she could have inherited up to 10 properties in total. I was thrilled at this news and decided to help her with the probate of all these properties one by one. This entire situation serves as an example of how my experience and expertise of over 30 years helped Beasley to navigate through a complex probate process. It also highlights the importance of being transparent and honest with clients, even if it means losing out on a potential sale. In conclusion, if you are in a similar situation and need to sell an inherited property, make sure to go through the probate process correctly. Contact a probate attorney and get all the necessary guidance before making any hasty decisions. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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