70. 4 Hidden Costs of Hiring an Agent to Sell Your House in Florida

When the moment arrives for you to sell your abode, like most individuals who find themselves in the same predicament, you will be prompted to search for a bona fide real estate agent to assume the responsibility of listing your cherished domicile. Alas, the process of listing your homestead involves a myriad of disbursements that are pertinent to keep in mind as you calculate the prospective profits that can be attained from the sale of your residence. Thus, I urge you to continue reading as we explore the four surreptitious expenditures that ensue from engaging the services of a real estate agent to sell your residence in the Florida.

Commissions and Fees

The financial ramifications of commission fees when signing a listing agreement only become evident when you take into account the additional charges that are incurred at the closing table. These expenses represent one of the concealed costs associated with retaining a real estate agent to sell your residence in Florida. The thought of relinquishing a significant portion of the profits to pay for commissions and other fees can persuade homeowners to sell their property on their own, also known as a for sale by owner (FSBO) listing. However, FSBO listings often sell for much less than expected. This is where professional buyers, like those at 123SoldCash, come in to provide a solution to these predicaments. These professional buyers offer the ability to bypass additional expenses by facilitating the sale of your home directly to them, without any commission or hidden fees.


When enlisting the assistance of a real estate agent to sell your home in Florida, there are many professionals involved in the process, from inspectors and appraisers to photographers and stagers, each with their own costs to be borne. However, professional buyers like those at 123SoldCash offer a simpler and more efficient solution. By working with a full-service in-house team of industry specialists, they are able to save sellers valuable time, money, and effort. When you sell your home directly to 123SoldCash, you can rest assured that everything needed to finalize the sale will be taken care of, without the additional burden of closing costs.

Holding Costs

The hidden costs of hiring an agent to sell a property in Florida are often overlooked, one of which being the holding costs. These costs can accumulate and can be easily forgotten, leading to a financial burden on the seller. Agents cannot provide a definite timeline for the sale of a property nor guarantee its sale. However, professional buyers, such as those found at 123SoldCash, operate as buyers and are not concerned with moving in, making them an ideal option for sellers. Professional buyers are able to offer flexibility in selecting the closing date and can even provide a guaranteed closing date, alleviating any potential concerns for the seller.


An inspection can reveal significant issues you must address before the sale closes, making repairs another hidden cost of hiring an agent to sell your house in Florida.

Professional buyers like those at 123SoldCash can save you from spending restless nights worried about passing the inspection. You can avoid the headaches and potentially save thousands in unexpected repair bills because the professional buyers at 123SoldCash buy homes as-is for cash. 

To circumvent the veiled expenses that come with enlisting an agent to peddle your domicile in Florida, a direct sale to professional purchasers at 123SoldCash is the optimal course. The professional purchasers at 123SoldCash furnish you with all the essential facts and figures to allow you to make an informed determination regarding what is most beneficial for you; they compare the benefits of listing versus a direct sale and meticulously review the minutiae with complete openness. There are no commissions or clandestine charges, no repairs to be concerned with, and no costs incurred when you vend your residence directly to a regional professional purchaser at 123SoldCash. The assemblage at 123SoldCash are your fellow locals who inhabit and toil within the environs alongside you, and we take great care for our populace and the individuals therein; ergo, we endeavor to ensure that you feel good about working alongside us even long after finalizing the transaction. Don’t hesitate to converse with a professional purchaser today at 123SoldCash about the most effective manner in which to vend your domicile. Call 123SoldCash at (786) 904-1444.

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