49. 3 Things You Can Do With a Bad Rental Property in Florida

Making a decision on how to address persistent headaches when dealing with a problematic rental property requires significant time and effort. If you’re prepared to cut your losses and divest the property, you may have thought about engaging a real estate agent to assist with the sale. However, in addition to the high agent fees and preparation costs, listing the property can be a challenging process due to the uncertain length of time it could remain on the market and the ongoing monthly holding expenses for utilities and maintenance. Alternatively, you may have considered selling the property independently to save on commission fees. Unfortunately, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings are usually not successful, with only 11 percent of them resulting in a sale, typically at around 25 percent less than agent listings. 

Therefore, the question arises, what actions should an investor take if they are eager to put an end to the difficulties? If you fall under this category, continue reading as we delve into three potential solutions for handling a problematic rental property situated in Florida.

Bad Location

Irrespective of the enticing qualities of your property, divesting from it can become strenuous if it’s located in an unfavorable area. Whether the failure to perform due diligence before the purchase or the significant deterioration of the neighborhood, the rental location threatens the potential returns. Prospective occupants generally seek secure vicinities with low crime rates, esteemed schools, and effortless access to amenities like parks, public transit, shopping districts, and commercial centers. Rather than facing these obstacles, why not explore the alternative of vending it directly to a professional buyer such as the ones at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444? They offer guaranteed closure within a few days without any accompanying costs, thereby conserving your time, energy, and funds. A direct transaction with 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444 adept buyer would permit you to move on from your predicaments and revel in the bliss of an untroubled life.

Bad Investment

A potential hurdle that may arise pertains to the property itself. Despite appearing promising on paper, a multitude of investors come to realize too belatedly that the property necessitates substantial rehabilitation endeavors to generate profits. Should you find yourself entrenched in an interminable cycle of repairs, it would be judicious to consider vending it directly to a professional buyer, such as those at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444. Our cadre of specialists shall procure your dilapidated rental property in its current state for cash, sans the imposition of commission fees. Our establishment takes pride in complete transparency, thereby furnishing a comprehensive breakdown of the costs and profits of both the conventional listing and our direct proposal. We want you to harbor confidence in your decision to collaborate with us well beyond the transaction’s conclusion. Our local proficient buyers, along with their team, reside and operate within the Florida community, evincing a vested interest in helping individuals, such as yourself, mitigate their real estate predicaments.

123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444

The process of selling a problematic rental property in Florida can be simplified by directly enlisting the services of professional buyers at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444. Our accomplished team of buyers at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444 have optimized the buying process by leveraging an in-house team of industry experts capable of proficiently managing all facets of the transaction, ultimately conserving your valuable time and resources. Allow our team of skilled buyers at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444 to guide you towards your next investment prospect and reap the tax benefits of a 1031 exchange. Discuss with your 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444 professional buyer our present stock of premium-grade investment properties presently available in Florida. Furthermore, our team at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444 is comprised of adept property management experts who can extend support with everything from cleaning to tenant placement, and even on-site management to prevent any of your other rental properties from deteriorating into undesirable investments in Florida. Call 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444 at (786) 904-1444.

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