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Discover Our Effortless Three-Step Process!

Call us at (786) 904-1444 or fill in our simple Get My Fair Cash Offer Now! form below. Once we have a few details, we put together an offer for you.

We give you a totally free and no obligation offer. Our offers are always as-is, cash, and you save thousands on realtor fees.

You pick the closing date! 123SoldCash can close in a matter of days, or set a closing date for weeks out. We’re flexible.

Are You Wondering . . .

  • Who will I chat with at
  • What property info do you need?
  • When will I get my offer?
  • How is my offer calculated?
  • Is’ offer a good fit for me?
  • Do I have to make or negotiate repairs?
  • Is the offer always cash?
  • Why should I choose your offer?
  • What happens after I accept an offer?
  • Are there any fees or commissions?
  • When is closing?
  • Do you cover closing costs?

We want to answer all the questions you might have about working with 123SoldCash.

Read on to get the details about connecting with, how we calculate offers, and the ways we simplify selling houses.

How To Contact 123SoldCash. The easiest step! Call (786) 904-1444 or fill in our Get My Cash Offer Now! form.

Providing Info for Your Offer. In order to create a strong offer, we require a few key details. The property specifications are quite useful, while recent upgrades or renovations such as bedrooms, baths, a pool, or extensions may not be documented in public records.

Furthermore, we delve into the current condition and situation of the property. At 123SoldCash, we take pride in offering honesty and integrity. Our approach is to carefully consider the condition before making an offer.

Your objectives are of great importance to us as well. Some sellers aim for a quick closing, while others prefer a later date or even staying at the house for a while. We can assist with challenges like probate, foreclosure, tax auctions, and problematic tenants. Understanding your goals enables us to tailor an offer specifically for you.

When Can You Expect Your Offer? Our team guarantees that offers will be delivered within 24 hours, and often much sooner. Our offers are cash-based, as-is, and come with no obligations or hassles. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes 😃.

123SoldCash Offer Philosophy

123SoldCash intends to close on each and every offer we make. Buyers and agents sometimes try to impress with “too good to be true” sale prices. Agents get full commission even if you find the buyer or they don’t sell at the price they claimed. Buyers may tie up a house for weeks with the plan to cancel unless you agree to a huge price reduction before closing123SoldCash makes honest offers. One of our core values is Performance As Promised. When we make an offer, we mean it. Click here to read about each of our Core Values ➡️.

123SoldCash has a simple way of calculating offers.

Here’s how we do it:

Estimate Renovation Costs. Our first step is figuring out repair costs. Big ticket items include roof, heating and cooling systems, electrical, and foundation. General updates are computed on cost per square foot basis (the more required updates – the higher the cost per square foot).

Research Property Value. We look into nearby sold, active, and expired comps. Major points of comparison are square footage, lot size, year built, construction materials, and nearby amenities. Type of sale also matters: short sale, foreclosure, on-market, or off-market.

Run the Calculator! 123SoldCash has two approaches. Flips or rentals. Flip offers consider repairs, holding costs, local demand, estimated time on market, and re-sale price. Rentals offers focus on market rents, vacancy rates, and appreciation.

Of course, price is not the only thing that matters when selecting an offer. Anyone can offer anything verbally or in writing. Investors or agents often propose a “high price” – but fail to deliver.

Vetting the buyer and terms of the offer prevent wasted time.

An offer is only as good as the written terms. Relevant contract terms include inspection days, closing date, financing, occupancy, and escrow deposit. Assess the buyer examining work history, testimonials, social media reviews, and online reputation.

There’s More To An Offer Than Price

Choosing an offer can be a tricky task. It’s not just about going for the highest price; offer terms matter too, if not more. Some buyers include lengthy inspections, financing and appraisal contingencies, or provide minimal escrow deposits. In such cases, the chances of the buyer following through become uncertain. Buyers may lack the necessary expertise to close the deal. At 123SoldCash, we often assist sellers who have faced previous buyer withdrawals. Save time and frustration by considering the buyer’s work history, reviews, reputation. Click here to see our video testimonials and social media reviews ➡️.

At 123SoldCash, we make selling your house simple.

The traditional way of selling a house involves interviewing agents, doing renovations, taking photos, and listing it online. It can be a lengthy process with potential hurdles like mortgage approvals.

We simplify the process in three ways:

  1. Cash Buyers: We offer cash for your house, eliminating the need to worry about mortgage issues that can cause deals to fall through.
  2. Experienced Home Buyers: With our extensive experience, we know how to make the right offer and ensure a smooth closing, avoiding unreliable buyers and backing out.
  3. Skip the Hassles: We save you the trouble of open houses, online listings, yard signs, repairs, and renovations. Say goodbye to the traditional hassles and even the realtor commission.

Sell your house with ease and peace of mind by choosing 123SoldCash.

Why Get An Offer From 123SoldCash?

Why should you consider obtaining an offer from our team? It boils down to experience. 123SoldCash has garnered a reputation for swiftly acquiring properties in exchange for cash. The foundation of our success rests upon the principles of honesty and trust. Our consistent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau spanning over three years is a testament to our reliability. We back our claims with a plethora of video testimonials, five-star social media reviews, and a commitment to integrity in every offer we extend. Our team possesses a wealth of expertise, evident from our contributions to reputable publications such as Time, Trulia, GoBanking Rates, and Investopedia. Any condition or situation. Case studies to showcase our work. Click here to read all about our real estate Credentials ➡️.

Our goal with each cash offer is to provide a fast and simple sale – while still paying you a fair price. This is the very reason over a hundred fifty owners sold to 123SoldCash over the last few years.

What is the advantage of our offer compared to one you’d get via the “traditional” home sale process (i.e. hiring an agent, putting up a public online listing and yard sign, and holding showings and open houses at your home)?

We call it the 123SoldCash Guarantee!

Selling your property to 123SoldCash encompasses a multitude of advantages:

  •   Equitable and costless monetary proposals.
  •   Absence of any realtor remuneration.
  •   Dispose of your property without undertaking any refurbishments.
  •   No involvement of mortgages, evaluations, or financial institutions.
  •   Efficient and uncomplicated conclusion.
  •   Eliminate the need for online listings.
  •   Bypass the hassle of open houses or showings.
  •   Receive honest offers accompanied by steadfast commitment.

What is a fair cash offer?

123SoldCash aims to make creative cash offers that work for both the seller and our company.

Our value is a quick closing, no mortgages, and buying “as-is”. If our offer doesn’t make sense for you (perhaps you’ve put in work and aren’t looking for a fast sale), we’ll let you know and provide whatever assistance we can.

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