154. Would An Investor Buy My House In Florida For Close To Asking Price?

If your intention is to dispose of your abode in Florida, the [market_zipcode} locality, or anyplace in FL, it would be prudent to explore various alternatives to accomplish the most desirable outcome. As is customary, property owners tend to market their homes by determining a listing price and engaging a real estate agent to search for a prospective buyer, or endeavor to locate a buyer themselves.

In terms of divesting your domicile, two primary methods exist:

  • One option available to you when looking to sell your property is to list it on the market, where you establish a price point and collaborate with a broker to scout for a suitable buyer or conduct the search independently. Alternatively, you may forego the “on-market” process and work directly with a buyer (such as the services we provide at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444) who can make an offer for your home.
  • If one has plans to dispose of their domicile in Florida, the [market_zipcode} ZIP code or any region in FL, the achievement of the most favorable deal is likely to be their objective. The most common way to sell a house is by setting a price and enlisting the assistance of a real estate agent to find a purchaser, or by attempting to locate a buyer independently. However, an alternative to the traditional “sell-on-the-market” method exists, which entails collaborating with a purchaser directly (akin to what is done by our organization at 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444), who can propose a price for the property.

If you’re wondering if an investor would be interested in purchasing your house in Florida for close to the asking price, several factors come into play, such as the condition of your property and the current market conditions. At 123SoldCash.com - Phone: 786-904-1444, we make it our mission to provide you with a fair and competitive price for your house, regardless of its condition or the current market trends.

Why Investors Invest

Investors engage in the real estate market with the expectation of acquiring property at a lower price point, and subsequently selling it for a higher price or generating income via renting. As a result, investors are highly motivated to identify and acquire properties that are priced affordably relative to their perceived value in order to maximize their return on investment.

Before you set your asking price, think about what benefit an investor provides…

Understanding The Asking Price

would an investor buy my house for my asking price

When selling your property, the asking price you set is merely the starting point for negotiations. Even if you work with a real estate agent to find a buyer on the market, the buyer will typically try to negotiate a lower price.

However, what many homeowners fail to consider is that the asking price takes into account various other factors. For instance, it assumes that you have renovated and tidied up your property to make it presentable and ready for prospective buyers. Additionally, you will be responsible for paying bills, insurance, and taxes on the property for the entire duration that your agent is seeking a buyer, which can sometimes take months. Moreover, you will be required to pay your agent a commission, which can run into thousands of dollars.

So your asking price has all of these things “built into it”.

An Investor Skips All This

When you choose to work with an investor, you can effectively bypass all the financial strains and stresses that come with the traditional market approach. For starters, you don’t have to incur the costs of renovating or cleaning up your property to make it presentable to potential buyers, saving you thousands of dollars. Additionally, you don’t have to bear the burden of paying bills, taxes, and insurance for months while waiting for a buyer to show up, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay a commission since no real estate agent was involved, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings.

To put it into perspective, choosing to sell your property to an investor instead of selling through an agent can result in substantial savings amounting to thousands of dollars.


Selling to an investor allows you to sell faster and avoid all those expenses. That’s why an investor might not be able to buy a house near your asking your price. However, the discount you might provide them is money you wouldn’t see anyway while you wait months and “gamble” to sell your house on the open market.

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