104. With 30 yrs of business, I’ve come across many different scenarios.

With 30 yrs of business, I've come across many different scenarios.

With 30 yrs of business, I’ve come across many different scenarios.

Hello, this is Chris Russo from 123soulcash.com, where we buy properties for cash as is and close on the date of your choice. We’re on TV, we’re on the internet, and we’re all over the place. With 30 years of experience, we get a lot of referrals from happy sellers, which is why I’m excited to share another case with you in this video. Recently, I had a gentleman call me from the internet. His name is Mr. Woods, and he has a property in Lake City, Florida. This situation is pretty interesting as he is disabled and a veteran. He has a low payment loan of about 2.75 percent, but sadly, he also has an illness that has left him with not much time left to live. He wants to sell his property and move up North with his relatives for the remaining time he has. When I spoke with Mr. Woods, I was saddened to hear about his situation, but I knew I could help him. The property is listed with a part-time realtor who is a friend of his. However, the realtor hasn’t shown the property yet. I suggested that he list the property with a full-time realtor who can help him out better. He’s looking for help, and his realtor hasn’t brought him anything yet because time is of the essence, and he wants to move up north. I asked him if he could move up north with his relatives without selling the property. Sadly, he replied that he has a mortgage payment and needs the money from the sale. I felt sorry for his story, and I wanted to see what I could do to help him out. Mr. Woods’ property is handicap ready, with a ramp and many handicap accessories, including bars on the tubs, a walk-in tub, and everything necessary for a handicap-friendly environment. I remembered speaking to someone a while ago who works with investors that buy properties and turn them into assisted living facilities. They get good rent by renting out to families in need. I thought of that idea and suggested it to Mr. Woods, and he loved it. He can probably rent out the property to one or two families. There’s also another building on the property, which could be used creatively and turned into an assisted living facility. Many investors are doing that these days, and it’s a great opportunity for Mr. Woods to make some good money. I told Mr. Woods that I would try to find this investor and connect them to him to see if they could work something out. I felt sorry for his story, and if I could help him out, I would. I might not be able to buy every house, but if I can help a seller, it always comes back to me ten times over. They refer me to family and friends, and I always stay in touch with them. I’m happy to say that I found the investor’s number, and I plan on calling him later today to see if I can help out Mr. Woods. This is an interesting situation, but with 30 years of business experience, I’ve come across many different scenarios. It’s always a pleasure to help out sellers and make a positive impact on their lives. Thank you for watching this video, and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye-bye!.

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