108. We Pay Your Houses Fair And Cash

I Go Over And Beyond And I've Been Doing This 30 Years And That's Why I'm Successful.

Hello good morning my name is Chris Russo with 123soulcash.com. We buy properties anywhere in the state of Florida. Sometimes we buy out of the state of Florida. We pay cash. We work with our own money. Do not need to get a mortgage. We buy in an asset condition and we can close on the closing on the date of your choice. We do post occupancy. We can close as fast as 15 days. We’ll do our research and if it works for us, we’ll buy it. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. I also used to be in the mortgage business. I used to be a real estate broker, so I’m pretty well versed in the real estate market. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll speak with my attorney or my title company who’s been doing business for now 20 years. I believe they close anywhere on the average of 7,800 files per month. So they’re pretty well versed in the real estate field also. So today I want to talk about a new file that I bought and again another offer accepted by 123soulcash.com. Okay, so this property here is in Boynton Beach. It’s on the 20th Street and 15th block of Boynton Beach. It’s a three bedroom, two bath property. 1912 square feet, which is a pretty good large size property. Normally they average around a thousand, twelve hundred. Pretty good lot size and I think it was built in 1978. So anything prior 1978, I always have the sellers fill out a lead based disclosure stating that if they know if there’s lead based paint or if they do not have knowledge that there’s lead based painting the property. They signed a disclosure. Anything above 78 is not required. And this is in Boynton Beach again and they replaced the roof. Let me see here. Two to three years ago, the AC two to three years ago. And the situation with this property is they’re nine months behind. Okay, so what happened is two elderly couple. I think they’re like 61, 66. Everything was fine and then I believe the wife had came down with Alzheimer’s so she’s not able to work. So part of that income was to pay the mortgage was around a thousand a month. And since she’s not be able to work, they couldn’t afford it. So now they’re behind like nine months. They called the bank to see if they can reinstate it or add it on. I told them add it on to the mortgage balance or see if they’ll be able to do that. And they called several times with no success. I said, keep trying, keep trying. And then again, as they call me again, they call me from my TV commercial and I asked, “Okay, let me see how I can help.” My first priority is to see how I can help them. So I said, “Okay, they’re nine months behind. Could they refinance?” “No, because they’re nine months behind.” I think they owe about $140,000-something on the property, their mortgage, and then it’s, okay, second thing, reinstate the mortgage, see if they can work out a payment plan. But if they work out a payment plan and the payment it’s higher than a thousand dollars a month, it’s not gonna work out because they lost one income. Okay, so I’m thinking, I’m thinking, what else can I do? Well, reverse mortgage. Okay, so I put a few calls in and on the reverse mortgage, they go by the age of the owners. The younger they are, the lower they’re gonna lend. The higher the interest rate, the lower they’re gonna lend. So it ended up they could do only like 35%. So 35% of value of the mortgage, there’s not enough equity. So I said, okay, so either you can reinstate the mortgage, they don’t have the money, try to reverse mortgage, that’s not gonna work, or accept the cash offer from me. And I gave them the offer and they said, that’s very reasonable, sure. And they wanna close as soon as possible because if not, they’re gonna start the foreclosure process. Again, I’m not an attorney, this is just from my experience. They start the foreclosure process, I explained to them, They can add fees, they can add attorney fees and so on. So I said, “Listen, if I get a cash offer that’s acceptable to you and it’s signed, I’ll send it to the bank and say, ‘Listen, we have an offer. Please do not start the foreclosure process because I’m always looking out for the seller and give me 30 days more so we are able to close.'” So that’s what we did. We sent it to them and they stop the foreclosure process and they’re waiting for me to close on the property and so what they’re gonna do is The difference of what it’s worth what my offer is and the balance they’re gonna put keep it in the bank and they’re gonna rent some place And they’ll be very happy and it’s Chris. Thanks for all your help but my first option when someone calls give all the options not only you know, obviously I want to buy every house but if it’s not for me, it’s not for me my first goal is to help the seller and see, you know, give them their options based on my experience. That didn’t work. So that’s what I do for my sellers. I go over and beyond and I’ve been doing this 30 years and that’s why I’m successful. Again, thank you very much and I’ll see you on the next video. Bye.

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