102. We Deal With A Lot Of Different Situations even , I’ll buy it with the tenants in the property.

Sellers have two tenants in the property. They've been there for a while.

Hello again, my name is Chris Russo. Good morning with 123 Sold Cash. We buy houses cash as is condition. We deal with a lot of different situations. We’re problem solvers and again another offer accepted by 123soldcash.com. If you want to get more information about our website you can go on our website and I’ll give you a lot of information. Okay, today we’re going to talk about a lead that came in from my TV. It is a duplex and it’s actually in Miami. It’s a one bedroom, one bath. On each side, around 13, 12 square feet. Lot size small, 4,150, built in ’62. They have two tenants in the property. They’ve been there for a while. So the first thing I ask is it rented month to month or yearly lease? If it’s rented yearly, so what happens is if everything works out, I’ll purchase the property because there’s a yearly lease in the property. If it’s month-to-month, I’ll call the tenants, do a little bit of investigation, see if they’re paying on time, and if that’s the case, I’ll buy it with the tenants in the property. Sometimes, depending on the property, and if they’re behind, I can probably most likely work something out with the owner. So anyway, oh by the way, it had a flat roof. There’s a small mortgage on the property and in fact the roof was replaced 20 years ago. There’s no leaks but as you know the the time of a roof in Florida is between 15 to 20 years. Even though there’s no leaks it’s always good that if you’re purchasing the property take in consideration you’ve got to put a new roof on the property. You need that in order to get insurance. So anyway that probably needs to be replaced. There’s probably some repairs here and there. The tenants are very nice. They work out of local restaurants and they’ve been paying on time They’ve been keeping the rent low and the two reasons number one is they’re keeping it low just to keep them there and And they also mentioned they’re upkeeping the property So instead of them the owners repairing the property or any little things here and there will keep it at a certain amount But anything goes wrong, then it’d be the responsibility of the tenants and they’re all month to month see flat-roof duplexes By the way, we love duplexes. We buy duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes. We even buy small commercial property. We also buy land. So anyway, I gave her the offer. She thinks that was a very fair offer. I sent it to her. She’s going to check with her husband. And the situation is, the reason she’s selling is because she had her children in a private school. when they’re in pre-K. And then now they’re going to high school, she put them in a public school. She thought it would work out, but apparently it’s not. And everyone has their opinion between a public school and a private school. So she wants the money and she’s gonna put them in a private school. And so I believe she, maybe within a week, couple weeks, she’ll be ready. So I’m glad I’m able to help her out. And she said, “Yeah, I saw you on TV And it says, “123 Sold Cash, let’s get it done. Let’s get it sold cash.” So she remembers my little rhyme there. So that was on this situation. And it’s going to be a nice property for me. It’s a duplex. It’s in a really nice area. It’s near college. So I’m looking forward to closing on it. So again, my name is Chris Russo with 123 Sold Cash. And I’ll see you on the next video. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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