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The house needs works, is it possible to sell with a third party, Realtor?

Hello again, my name is Chris Russo with 123soldcash.com. We buy houses fast with our own money, cash, and assets conditioned and closing on the date of your choice. Normally 30 days or before, 25, 20 days depending on the situation. Well let me tell you about a new property that I’m in the middle of purchasing the property. The guy called me about a week ago and he saw again my TV commercial. and the property is in Fort Pierce and it’s on the 22nd Street 7th block. It’s a three bedroom, one bath, about 1072 square feet, 666 lot size. There’s no central air, window units, and the roof is about seven years old. I asked him the condition of the property and inside he mentioned, “Oh, it totally needs to be rehabbed.” And what happened is, He was explaining that he needs a cell and I asked him the reason and he said because he received a notice from the police department. He said there’s some drug activity going inside the property and the reason is the most the most of the time there is because the property is vacant and a lot of these people they know that it’s vacant so they go in and they take over and they’re dealing drugs or using drugs. which is a big liability for the homeowner, especially when the homeowner owns the property in their name. Again, I’m not an attorney. This is from my experience. What happens is if something, God forbid, something happens, they fall, something happens in the property, they can go after the homeowner. And normally homeowners put their property in their name. So that’s why investors put properties in an LLC or corporation in case there’s a lawsuit, they can only sue that LLC or corporation. Again, I’m not an attorney. That’s just from my experience. So number one, I told him, number one is it should be put in an LLC or corporation. And then he said he agreed. Another thing about this file is that there’s another person on the property. When I looked it up, there was a female. It was all, that’s my partner. I didn’t really want to get into it. I don’t know if they were married, girlfriend or boyfriend or something, but that’s her partner. So I gave all the information and it was worth about Zillow said 158 and more or less accurate about 150 range. And I offered around $60,000 because I looked at the property, it needs a lot of work. And the reason I offer $60,000, I would offer a little more is that I said, “Listen, part of my purchase of the property, I would deal with the occupants on the inside. I would take care of them and either get rid of them, give them maybe cash for some keys, or go through the legal process of evicting them.” which is a lot of work and that’s why I offered 60. So he said sounds good I’ll get back to you. So what happens is I waited a day or so and he never called me back. I call and call and his mailbox is full. I call up again, mailbox is full. So what do I do? I go up let me see if I can try to reach the other one, the other person which is a female who’s on title and see you know what the story is. Plus they told them also that he would actually have if he agreed, which he did, that he would need to speak to the other half and they would have to agree on the price also because I need two signatures. But he never called me back. The reason maybe he never reached that person or something happened in his life, he just never called me back. So I go, let me skip trace the person. So I skip trace the person, found the number. There’s like three numbers and you see the top number is the right number. I called and she answered and her name, my first name was Sandra and she said, yes, that’s me. And she told me her side of the story. She goes, “Well, I’ve been taking care of that property for four or five years. He never took care of anything.” Well, I said, “Well, he called me that he wants to sell, and I told him the situation about the police order and so on.” She goes, “Well, she’s not aware of any police order.” So I don’t know the situation. So then I started talking to her. She said that he said he’s going through a third party. When someone says they’re going through a third party, I believe it’s a realtor. I go, “Well, that’s great. You know, you go through Realtor.com and get your highest and best price. But in this case, when the property needs work, whoever’s going to buy it, they bring a retail buyer. The person needs to qualify. They need a good credit score. They need verifiable income, where the money is coming from. It has to be in their bank account for two months. But in this case, it’s the property that won’t qualify. I used to be in the mortgage business. What happens is when they see it’s vacant, the roof needs repair, et cetera, et cetera, It’s not going to qualify. They’re going to ask you to fix it before they can get a mortgage. So I told her, I said, well, if you go through a realtor, you’re going to end up paying 6%. Again, thank you very much and I’ll see you on the next video. Bye-bye.

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