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How long take to get the money when sell a house,technically we can close probably within two weeks.

Hello, how are you today? My name is Chris Russo with 123 Sold Cash. We buy houses cash fast in the state of Florida as is condition closing on the date of your choice or possibly closing within 20-25 days depending on the title and the lead search. Normally a title search takes about like four or five days is all in the computer. But the lien search takes, depending on the city, could take up to two weeks. So that’s what we’re waiting for. The title talks about, you know, checks to see if there’s any mortgages, any judgments, anything attached to the title. Where a municipal lien search, which we do also, it checks to see if there’s any open, expired permits, any code violations, any outstanding bills with the electric company. And we’re relying on a third party, which is the city, and sometimes they take a while so that’s why we say around two weeks. So technically we can close probably within two weeks. So let me tell you about a property that I closed the other day. Again another offer accepted by one two three sold catch. Okay this is a property in West Palm Beach. They call from my TV advertisement and actually wasn’t TV it was Google. Google okay and the reason they called from Google is, I asked him, I go, how did you hear about us? He said, oh, Google. And he saw me, and he’s looking for someone that has a lot of reviews. And I happen to have 37 reviews. And so he liked what he saw, and he wanted to speak to someone who’s trustworthy. He’s been in the business for a while. So he called me and said, hey, Chris, I have a duplex that I wanna sell. It’s actually in West Palm Beach. It’s a unit one, it’s a three bedroom, well actually, Yeah, the unit one in the front. It’s a three bedroom one bath and the one in the back is a three bedroom two bath The one in the back was recently remodeled the one in the front It’s currently remodeled and it’s vacant and what happened is he rented the property out to a person with a yearly lease so I always ask is it rent a month a month or yearly and he said yearly I said when does it expire said December and Okay, so obviously I would have to purchase the property with the person in the property Okay, I’ll be the subject to the lease and so we negotiated the price and he said hey Chris we have a problem I said what’s that? He goes the tenant that was there before took out the the outside AC units said oh, okay and I’m calculating how much that would cost and he goes I’ll even give you a little discount off the price that we agreed on and because he stole it on the unit. So I said fine, that’s fair enough and we did that signed up the contract did the inspection and the property let me see here I had a seven year old roof it had a seven year old AC and anytime when you’re talking about multi units I always ask is there a separate electric meters and one water or and and he told me no and this one had separate electric and separate water, which is really good. Okay, CBS construction, about 2,240 square feet, lot size 6,000, built in 1988. So it’s kind of like new, not new new, but it’s not like it’s built in the ’50s or the ’60s. So it was built in ’88, nice size square foot, square feet, 2,240. And so we need some updating, not that much. So the thing I like about it, it’s a 3,2 and a 3,1. So how much can you get in rent? So I looked at it and the inspector’s over everything’s fine. Obviously he needs, you know, repairs here and there minor which I took into consideration. So closed the other day. Guy was very happy with me and I asked him if he had any other properties. He said, “Oh yeah, I have another property I’m thinking about selling.” Or if you don’t have anyone thinking about selling, be free to give him a call and I can help him the same way I help you. So he’s very happy, satisfied and just another deal closed by 123 Sold Cash. We’ll be doing this 30 years we’ve almost dealt with every type of situation probates, inheritance, squatters, evictions, foreclosures, behind in taxes so you know there’s obviously there’s always something new that I haven’t seen but majority of time I’ve seen everything so thanks again and I’ll see you on the next video bye bye.

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