385. Understanding Probate Properties and Inheritance

Hello again. This is Chris Russo with 123soldcash.com as seen on TV and radio today. We’re going to talk about a property that I bought. It’s in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, ZIP code 33311. He called me off of my TV. And it’s a property. Another one. It’s in probate and in foreclosure. So I gave an offer and I said, Chris, we need a little bit of higher amount. So then I looked at it, look at the comparables, this and that. And I said, you know, I can squeeze it. So I think I I gave him 20,000 more and. Said all right. Fine. Put it under. You know, I sent him an offer and that was it, so I sent it to my probate attorney because they have a probate attorney, by the way. If you deal. With me, then there’s no upfront cost. For probate fees, and sometimes I’ll even pay for your fees so. They did. They have zero money. And what happened is, my attorney said since I’m purchasing the property, they’ll say, OK, fine, you’re dealing with Chris. You know, he’ll charge the fees at the end, not up the at at up front. So then what happened is I sent it to him pretty quick. Everything’s ready to go, I think, like, two more weeks. We should get an authorization. Sell and again I took pictures of the inside. The property needs a lot of work because majority of the time the judge needs, you know, to show why am I paying lower than the retail price? And the reason is because they need. Repairs. So I always had that beforehand. Pictures. They could send it to the attorney. Attorney sends the judge so it gets approved with the. Judge and in this case, pretty interesting since she doesn’t have money because Chris, I need 30 days after closing. Once I receive my. Money to move. OK, So what I did is we’ll do a 30 day occupancy post occupancy. After closing rent free and we held some money back from. Her from the. Closing and she was happy with that. And what we do is she signs a post document to see before closing. She knows how it works. Everything. She has 30 days. We hold the deposit and make sure she leaves because we don’t want her as a tenant, so it works perfectly. So this one here is was a probate needed work and foreclosure and I gave her post occupancy. So if you have a probate property inheritance, if you need a probate attorney, if you don’t have the cost, give me a call. You know, I’ve dealt with all types of situation. I had one where there was a sale date in a couple of weeks, so I paid the taxes. I think there were $4000 I paid it, stopped the sale, went through the probate, closed, she received money, squatters fiction, all types of situation. Give me a call. I’ll see what I can do and help you. Alright. So my I’m kind of like a probate specialist. I’ve been. Doing it for. A while and I like dealing probate because. These people need help. They don’t know where to go. They’re their parents or relative died. So I kind of. Like guide them. And make it easy stressless. So if you have a probate property inheritance, give me a call and I’ll see if I can help you. Thank you very much. And I’ll see you on the next video.

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