189. 5 Tips For Moving With Kids in FL

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, moving with kids can be stressful on both you and them! Luckily, the move doesn’t have to be painful for anyone!

Check out our tips for moving with kids, and make your relocation a breeze! 

Tips For Moving With Kids!

Moving from a place that we have grown to love is not an easy task. It is like bidding farewell to our dear friends and our familiar abode. This is especially true for children who may not fully comprehend the underlying reasons for this change, let alone the long-term benefits that lie ahead.

Tip #1: Talk To Them

Upon reaching the irrevocable decision to move, it is imperative to inform your offspring of the impending relocation. Involve them in the process and discuss with them in a candid manner the upcoming positive and stimulating changes.

Provide your offspring with reassurance that their personal possessions, such as books, toys, and other beloved items, will be accompanying them during the transition. Additionally, elucidate to them the vast array of advantageous and captivating aspects of the move.

Tip #2: Get to Know Your New House

In order to instill enthusiasm in your children, it may be advantageous to offer them the opportunity to view the dwelling in question if it is located in close proximity. This would grant them the chance to survey their sleeping quarters and plan the aesthetics of their personal space.

Should the home be situated further away, presenting an abundance of imagery and employing online resources such as Google Earth to acquaint the youngsters with the region could prove beneficial.

A supplementary option could be to illustrate the interior design of the space, allowing the children to deliberate on their desired furniture arrangement.

Tip #3: Let Them Help With Packing

It is imperative to ensure that the younger members of the family comprehend that their possessions are being packed and moved, not discarded. While older children may have an understanding of the process, it may prove challenging for the little ones to grasp.

Encourage them to assist with the packing of their playthings and then allow them to decorate the boxes, making them easily identifiable after relocation. If possible, prioritize the setup of their belongings and chambers, even if it necessitates ordering pizza and living in a kitchen amidst boxes for a few days.

By providing a sense of familiarity and continuity, the anxiety levels of the little ones can be maintained at a manageable level.

Tip #4: Get to Know The Neighbors and the New Area

In order to smoothly transition to your new community, it is advisable to promptly integrate yourself into it. This involves initiating yourself to your neighbors and extending an invitation to those in your vicinity to attend a house warming soiree.

Engage in local events that are conducive to forging new relationships and friendships. If your offspring are reticent by nature, it is important to converse with them about cultivating new friendships and assisting them in devising methods to break the ice with their peers in their new educational institution.

Tip #5: Keep Your Routines

It is crucial to maintain some semblance of consistency amidst the chaos of moving. If you typically indulge in a scoop of frozen delight on Saturdays or partake in a morning stroll in the park on Sundays, do your best to continue with these routines. Consistency is key when it comes to mealtimes and bedtimes, as adhering to a routine will help alleviate anxieties and instill a sense of order.

It is important to bear in mind that the move may prove to be more difficult for your children than for you. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain a positive attitude towards the whole process and make it an exciting and memorable experience for them. Encourage them to view it as a grand adventure and minimize any stressors they may encounter along the way. By doing so, you will not only alleviate their anxieties, but yours as well.

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