180. Guide to Throwing a Summer Open House in Florida

In this sultry season, when the sky is an endless expanse of azure and the sun glows like a fiery orb, the conditions are ideal for parting with your home in Florida. With people making the most of the pleasant weather and spending more time outdoors, it’s an opportune time to host a spellbinding open house. There are innumerable ways you can leverage the warmth and lengthy daylight hours to your advantage. Here are a handful of ideas we’ve compiled for you.

“Guide to Throwing a Summer Open House in Florida!”

Throw A Party!

The prospect of a backyard BBQ or block party is always enticing! The daylight hours are prolonged, the evenings are temperate! Extend an invitation to your neighbors, make it known that your abode is available for purchase! Your neighbors may have associates who are on the lookout for a new residence! The notion of selecting your new neighbor will pique interest among people! It is a fantastic method of spreading the word about your abode being up for sale. Organizing a soirée exudes a casual atmosphere, fostering a feeling of hominess. It is considerably less rigid than a customary open house. And, depending on the level of closeness amongst your neighbors, hosting a block party could be a final send-off with your neighbors, initiating the farewell process in a favorable manner. Cook up some barbeque outside, and welcome your guests into your dwelling!

What Should You Eat?

There are myriad ways to create unique and effortless items to impress your guests during a backyard gathering. If you are keen on going all-out with the festivities, consider stoking the grill for a barbecue feast. This can foster a sense of euphoria and familiarity, causing your guests to feel right at home in your brand-new backyard. By cultivating a relaxed and convivial ambiance, your guests can visualize themselves enjoying the company of their friends and family, thus making their experience a memorable one.

When organizing a conventional open house, consider providing refreshing beverages and light snacks that are easy to handle. Avoid serving anything that may prove unwieldy or complicated to consume, as well as anything that could result in a spill on the entryway carpet. Serve fresh lemonade and a watermelon salad in the backyard. Or one of our favorites, caprese on a stick, (just make sure it’s not left out too long.) Nothing you serve should be spoilable.The quintessential tip for ensuring triumph in any open house setting, regardless of the time of year, is to eliminate the propensity for germ contamination. The quintessence of your goal should be to ensure that guests feel comfortable, unencumbered by the presence of clutter or any other form of personal effects. Failure to adhere to this principle will undoubtedly foster an environment that is anything but hospitable. Accordingly, any family photographs or other personalized items ought to be removed, while random, neutral items and art pieces should be showcased in their stead.

Highlight the Yard!

If your abode is lacking in square footage, you can still attract visitors by offering a charming outdoor area. Although the interior of the domicile is of great importance, the exterior should not be overlooked! Simple embellishments like fresh blooms can inject life into a drab patio. Conversely, a larger yard presents a prime opportunity to provide additional amenities that will beckon people to linger. A relaxing hammock, comfortable seating, or a water feature may be ideal options. If the neighborhood caters to families, installing an entertaining feature that children will enjoy can be advantageous. Ensure that any details pertaining to the sale of the home address the inclusion of such items to prevent any potential misunderstandings.


In order to create an environment that is both enjoyable and relaxing, decluttering is the key for any open house at any time of year. The objective is to ensure that guests are able to easily move through the space without being surrounded by a plethora of personal belongings, as it could impede their ability to feel at ease and make themselves at home. Therefore, it is imperative to remove family photos and conceal any stray paperwork that may be lying around on the desk. Instead, opt for more neutral decor such as intriguing art pieces and items that exude an air of sophistication.

Are you interested in throwing a fun and unique open house! We have all sorts of tips for making your open house stand out! When you are ready to sell your Florida house, send us a message or give us a call! We can’t wait to talk to you!

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