364. Selling Your Home in Orlando FL

In Orlando, Florida, we’re the buyers of houses. Your local Orlando FL home buyers, offering cash for properties in the area. Beware the pitfalls of selling – don’t underestimate these adversaries. Greed can masquerade as need, or even expertise. If unopposed, it will drain your profits. Emotions, too, can sabotage your sale. When pride enters the mix, your home’s fate hangs in the balance. Quick sale? Think about these tips.

Selling your Orlando FL home? Beware!

Adding extra digits to your listing price might be tempting, but it’s risky. Inflate the number just because a nearby house sold for more? Or maybe you believe you deserve that much due to commissions and expenses. But why let realtor fees overshadow your closing check? You might think, what’s an extra 15 or 25 thousand when someone’s spending hundreds of thousands, right?

Pause! Let’s rethink this.

Seriously, stop and think. Your home might not actually be worth that much. Even if your neighbor’s place, with a lingering smell of kitty litter, sold for more, there’s likely a reason. Not to discredit Orlando FL realtors, but they want a swift sale too. It’s in everyone’s interest. Ask questions – maybe your realtor missed updates or undervalued certain aspects. Win them over with your perspective. But don’t mix opinions with expertise. Realtors know the market; their income depends on it. Sure, they’d love a bigger commission, but they won’t risk a prolonged sale for it.

Choose Fairness Over Ego:

Selling your Orlando FL home at a fair price beats the alternative – an overpriced house’s slow demise in the market’s eyes.

Soon, showings might dwindle. When they happen, expect offers near your realtor’s suggestion. Your insistence on the listing price probably resulted in a higher offer than you’d get if you listened. Odds are negotiation would’ve lowered that offer anyhow. You win! Sign, cash, and share your savvy success. Your realtor, happy to sell your Orlando FL house, won’t mind a larger commission either. But now, Greed and Pride come into play.

Resist Unwise Choices:

You reject a fair offer, seeing the buyer’s low-ball tactic. Who are they kidding? Do they think you’re naive? You worked hard against other buyers to settle for nothing less than your asking price. Another deal collapses; your realtor laments. This cycle repeats, exhausting realtors. Eventually, you accept an offer below what you refused, carrying mortgage expenses longer than needed. Greed and Pride triumph. Buyers wait, getting your house for much less.

Emotions vs. Sale:

Emotions are to a home sale what an iceberg was to the Titanic. It’s hard to be objective about the home you’ve cherished. To a buyer, those memories mean nothing. If you’ve decided to sell, let go of those memories. Capture them in a photo, mist up if you need, then fix them before showings. Use the sale money for your new beginning.

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