530. How Selling Your Orlando, FL House Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

How Selling Your Florida House Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

Have you ever contemplated the possibility of selling your house directly? Many sellers find themselves confronted with the daunting reality of repair expenses, which can often prove overwhelming in terms of the work involved, the time required, and the associated costs when preparing their home for a traditional listing.

Whether you opt to sell independently or through a licensed real estate agent, you’ll encounter a similar set of tasks and responsibilities. While taking the DIY approach to repairs may potentially save you thousands of dollars in commissions, it also entails a significant time commitment. This encompasses managing everything that an agent typically handles, starting from the moment a “For Sale” sign graces your yard to the listing’s appearance on various online platforms, all the way through to the closing date.

It’s essential to recognize that the visual appeal of your property, often referred to as curb appeal, plays a pivotal role in its marketability, particularly when it’s listed on platforms like the MLS and various online websites where prospective buyers quickly browse through available options. Given that most buyers seek homes they can move into without delay, it’s imperative to make your property stand out to capture their attention.

But did you know that there’s a simpler and more convenient way to sell your home at a fair price? Wouldn’t it be appealing to sidestep the headaches and financial burdens associated with repairs, as well as the added stresses of maintaining a pristine home and reshuffling your daily life to accommodate showings and open houses?

Professional home buyers offer a streamlined solution that eliminates these concerns. They handle every aspect of the transaction in a single meeting, guiding you through the process step by step. In the following sections, you’ll discover how selling your Orlando, FL house directly to a professional buyer can result in substantial savings on repair costs.

Fluctuations in Supply Costs

The current market conditions have seen lumber prices soar to unprecedented levels, with a staggering increase of over 112 percent compared to the previous year. This surge in lumber costs is not an isolated phenomenon; it extends to other essential home improvement materials such as drywall, roofing, and siding. The driving force behind this price escalation is the heightened demand for housing, as more prospective homeowners seek to reap the benefits of homeownership. In response to this surge in demand, many existing homeowners have embarked on long-delayed home improvement projects, ranging from essential repairs to upgrades catering to the evolving needs of remote work, home-based schooling, and increased family-oriented activities. This surge in demand has placed immense strain on the production and supply chains of building materials, subsequently driving up the costs borne by consumers. When you reach out to a professional for an estimate on necessary repairs, you’ll likely encounter stipulations addressing the fluctuations in supply costs. Don’t be caught off guard if you find a time limit specified for the cost estimate or provisions accounting for potential changes in actual costs. The delays caused by shortages in building materials can erode your profits as you continue to shoulder the mortgage payments and other monthly expenses while the project lingers unfinished. However, when you choose to sell your Orlando, FL house directly to a professional buyer, such as those affiliated with 123SoldCash, you can bid farewell to the stress associated with upgrades and repairs. Professional buyers are willing to purchase your home “as-is,” which means that the burden of material costs is no longer your concern. It’s easy to discern why opting for a direct sale can be an advantageous choice, sparing you the financial burden of repair costs, which can swiftly accumulate into substantial sums, often reaching tens of thousands of dollars.


Repair costs have the potential to become overwhelming, which is why experts suggest adding an extra 10 percent to your estimated repair budget. Frequently, unforeseen issues remain concealed until a project is well underway. These surprises can often be quite serious, especially when they involve the foundation of a building. Failing to account for all possible contingencies, depending on your financial situation, can disrupt your plans. Even if you’ve taken the step of hiring a professional home inspector and obtained repair estimates from at least three experts, surprises are a common aspect of the repair process, particularly in older homes. If you choose to sell a property in a state of disrepair on the market, be prepared for potential buyers to make low offers, expecting a steep discount to cover the needed repairs. They may negotiate with you to lower your asking price, factoring in an inflated estimate for the repairs. In some cases, sellers may even face legal issues and additional expenses, unaware of serious flaws within the home. However, when you sell your Orlando, FL house directly to buyers like 123SoldCash, who specialize in direct purchasing, they willingly take on all potential risks, including hidden repair costs. Selling to a professional buyer could potentially save you from bearing the burden of unexpected repair expenses that could otherwise significantly increase your overall repair costs.

At 123SoldCash, we will handle it all! If you face expensive repairs, now is the perfect time for selling your house directly to 123SoldCash. When you work with 123SoldCash, there are no commissions or hidden fees that will be coming off of your cash payment at closing. Talk to the professional buyers at 123SoldCash about all of the ways that selling your house directly to 123SoldCash will save you money. Get a free, no-obligation offer from 123SoldCash and see how easy we make the process! Send us a message or call 123SoldCash at (786) 904-1444.

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