117. Seller of a Lake Worth home needs to stay after closing, how does post occupancy work?

Seller of a Lake Worth home needs to stay after closing, how does post occupancy work?

Hello again good afternoon my name is Chris Russo with 123SoldCash.com I’ve been in the real estate business for over 30 years helping sellers many sellers I’ve bought all types of property single family duplexes triplexes four plexus small commercial Land condos townhouses I close very quickly I’m using my own money as is conditioned closing on the date of your choice I even do what is called post occupancy where you the seller closes they receive their funds and allow them to stay in the property for up to 30 days and then after 30 days they leave and this way they have the money and they can pay for the moving or pay for if they’re renting the first last month’s security etc etc and today I’m going to talk about a property that I bought in Tallulah Road Lake Worth uh my the property I think I purchased for like 319 it’s a three bedroom two bath central air total square footage 23.94 built in 1959 not size six four nine six um this situation uh seller called me a long time ago and I followed month to month every month I finally became his friend good Chris I’m not ready to sell yet but when I do I’ll give you a call and I’m a very persistent person and doing it nicely and if they ask me do not call me anymore Dubai bug me I definitely will not call them back take them off my list they say no follow up with me every two months so every couple months I call text them how are you doing let them know that I’m still around that I’m still interested in buying their property and sooner or later he said finally Chris yes I’m ready to sell so we got it under contract I sold it in one week and one week that was fast and uh it needed work uh mainly uh cosmetic work I think the roof was built uh like six years old so fairly new roof the AC was eight years old and it was dated and dated meaning I had to read through the kitchen the bathrooms uh everything Etc everything inside and um he had um he had belongings there had it it was kind of messy and I told him I’ll tell you what I do since I’m going to redo the whole um property on the inside I’m gonna get my crew in there we’re going to uh rip off the floors the bathrooms the kitchen so since I’m going to have a um a container outside I said I’ll tell you what all throughout your belongings he was so happy I said just make sure you take your personal belongings behind and anything else just leave behind so I’ll do it since I’m going to clean out the house he said thank you thank you thank you he loved that idea okay then he needed the money so um before in order to move so what I said I’ll tell you what I’ll do a post occupancy which I’ll give you up to 30 days we hold like a security deposit just to make sure that he leaves in 30 days and we sign everything in advance before closing he read everything and said this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna hold the money and deposit you have 30 days so if you leave on or before 30 days you the title company will release the deposit so we close we held a certain amount back in the with the title company we had them read inside of uh post occupancy before closing and to make sure that Hey listen this is what’s going to happen he was totally fine with that and what I do when I have a post-occupancy every five days after close I said hey how are you doing just remember don’t wait till the last day uh you know try to leave like 10 days five days or even 15 days before the 30 days just to make sure so he left I think it was like 17 days after closing it’s a great so he left I took his personal longness I called him everything okay said yes so he left as soon as he left and got confirmation I called the title company daddy left and we verified it uh he came in um or we called he signed a document and I had the title company wire the money his deposit to him happy as can be since then he referred me to other people and I’m giving the same service that it gave him to the other people I actually gave the same service to all the sellers so that’s what happened with this one just wanted to explain how post-occupancy work I’ll do anything I go beyond over and Beyond what I could do for sellers see if I now can help them out sometimes I’ll give money for um the moving truck sometimes I gave money for storage whatever whatever I can do to make him happy because if I know if I make him happy they’re happy I’m happy and sometimes they give me referrals and they become my friends for life and then what I do is every you know every holiday I send him a a nice text I sent him an email let her Happy Thanksgiving Merry Christmas Etc so that was the story on this one it was a smooth transaction but in this case I had to do a post occupancy and um long as you explain to the seller what you’re doing and you’re transparent they have no problem thank you very much and I’ll see you on the next video bye-bye

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