503. Real Estate Staging Tips: Smells that Help to Sell Houses Faster in Orlando FL

Selling a house in Orlando, FL requires your home to be in the best possible condition. Real estate staging can help speed up the selling process. Work on your home’s curb appeal by maintaining landscaping and the exterior. Ensure the interior is presentable, especially with a pleasant smell. If you’re ready to sell, we offer cash for houses in Florida.

How Should My House Smell For Real Estate Staging?

When it comes to the smell of your house, the obvious answer is that it should be clean. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the definition of “clean” is subjective and can vary from person to person. If you’ve ever walked into a home and been overwhelmed by the scent of candles or sprays, you know that it doesn’t necessarily mean the house is clean. In fact, strong smells can actually make potential buyers suspicious that the seller is trying to hide something. That’s why it’s important to make sure your home smells inviting and pleasant, rather than overly scented, when you’re preparing it for sale. A good real estate staging should focus on creating a fresh and welcoming aroma that would appeal to potential buyers.

We’ve got five tips to help you get your house sold quickly!

Tip #1: Remove Odors

Keeping your house clean and smelling fresh is essential, but it can be a challenging task. However, you can make it a fun family activity by involving everyone. To begin with, ensure that your house is spotless and free of any bad smells. You can use your sense of smell to locate the source of any unpleasant odors in the house. Once you’ve identified the source, clean it with hot soapy water, antibacterial cleaner or detergent. For more demanding odors such as pet urine, cigarette, or a stinky toilet, follow a helpful odor removal guide to get rid of them.

Tip #2: Less is More

For over 20 years, Eric Spangenberg from Washington State has conducted research on the impact of scents on the purchasing decisions of buyers. According to his findings, shoppers tend to spend 32% more when a store has a simple fragrance instead of complex aromas. But why is this so? The theory is that complex scents can distract buyers from making decisions, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant. In either case, they tend to complicate things and interfere with the process of selling your house. To keep things simple and effective, it is recommended to use fragrances like fresh linen or vanilla.

Tip #3: Use Welcoming Scents

Most people enjoy their own body odor, but some scents are more pleasant than others. According to Spangenberg, simple fragrances are the most inviting because they are not overpowering. He recommends using scents such as lemon, pine, green tea, cedar, vanilla, or basil as they are the most welcoming. To avoid distraction, it is best to stick to one of these basic scents.

Tip #4: Where’s That Smell Coming From?

Once you’ve identified the desired fragrance, the question is how to achieve it. There are numerous options available, including candles, reed diffusers, simmer pots, potpourri, oil plug-ins, and more. However, the key is to avoid an overpowering scent. We suggest turning off or extinguishing all scented items a couple of hours before opening doors. This approach ensures that the scent won’t be overwhelming when potential buyers walk in.

Tip #5: Going The Extra Mile

Are you drawn towards the idea of simpler times, with all the talk of wonderful scents? If yes, then you’re not alone. Potential buyers are also likely to feel the same way. You can use this to your advantage by playing the nostalgia card. Bake some cookies before your showing to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere. There’s nothing quite as comforting as the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies. Once they’re ready, you can place them out for buyers to enjoy.

Sell My House in Orlando FL

Now that you know how to make the best use of sweet smells in your real estate staging efforts, your home is ready for its new owners.

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