463. How To Sell An Inherited House Fast In Fort Lauderdale FL While Going Through A Divorce

Dealing with inherited property during a divorce process can be quite challenging, especially in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In many cases, selling your inherited home may be the best option to divide the asset fairly and ensure smooth divorce proceedings.

We Buy Houses Company provides “sell my house fast for cash” services to help you quickly liquidate your property assets and get past this difficult time. As your local Fort Lauderdale home buyers, we offer cash for houses in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Selling your house to an investor can prevent out of pocket expenses when you sell with a realtor. Typically, realtors require you to do all necessary repairs and cleaning before showing the property. However, when selling with an investor, you can sell the house “as is” without doing any repairs. When someone dies, and the house is left vacant, the property deteriorates, and home maintenance usually stops, leading to the home becoming vulnerable to vandalism. Selling to an investor prevents the house from remaining uninhabited and vulnerable to deterioration.

Selling the house to an investor also eliminates the need to hire a real estate agent. Some investors, such as We Buy Houses Company, even assist in changing the title over to the heirs free of charge. Attorney fees can be costly, and if the estate is simple, a good investment company can help you transfer the title without paying attorneys and court costs.

Probate can take as long as six months or more, and the property must be maintained even while no one resides there. Someone still has to pay property taxes, homeowners’ association fees, insurance, utilities, and lawn care. If you sell to a solid investment company, you can have it closed in weeks rather than months and avoid carrying costs and commissions that add up quickly.

Selling an inherited house to an investor in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is common, and it makes the most sense for many people when considering the expenses and timing. Many inherited houses need repairs and updating, and that costs money. While you can avoid these updates and try to sell below the market price to get the house sold fast, you would still have to pay legal and real estate agent fees.

We Buy Houses Company has vast experience in facilitating seamless real estate transactions, and we are also Pinnacle Award Winners with the Better Business Bureau.

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