242. How To Sell a Probate Property in Florida

Imagine this: you’re dealing with the aftermath of losing a loved one, and guess what? There’s no will or financial backup plan to smooth things over. Now, here’s the twist: selling a probate property, it’s like entering a maze of endless twists and turns, especially if the estate’s on the bigger side.

Now, let’s talk numbers – this whole ordeal can seriously drain your wallet. So, rule number one? Don’t even think about skipping those legal steps. Seriously, it’s a road you don’t want to take. So, get ready for some patience. All that stuff the departed left behind? It’s gonna get a deep dive, and those rightful heirs? They’re gonna get their rightful slice.

Now, brace yourself for this curveball: sometimes, those executors might need to turn those estate properties into cash, and that’s when the probate court steps in. They’re like the referee, making sure the cash is split like a fair deal among those rightful folks.

Now, if you’re nodding along because you’re right in this boat, stick around. We’ve got some insider info on how to navigate selling a probate property in Florida.

Oh, and here’s a little surprise: while each place has its own real estate rules, there are some basics that pretty much everyone agrees on. So, if you’re aiming for a legit sale, make sure you’ve nailed down every single legal step for selling your probate property in Florida.

How To Sell a Probate Property in Florida

Certified Appraiser

Alright, let’s kick this off. Your very first move? Hunt down an independent certified appraiser. Now, you’ve got choices here: dive into those phone listings or tap into the grapevine of probate property experts in Florida.


Alright, let’s break it down. So, now that you’ve got that certified appraisal in your hands, what’s next? Well, time to take a step forward and file a petition with the court. Sounds official, right? Don’t worry, it’s all about sharing the deets about that probate property in Florida. And don’t forget to mention how you’re planning to make the sale happen – whether it’s through an auction or just hitting up the real estate market.

Now, here’s the fun part: package up that petition and your certified appraisal, and send it on its way. Once the court gives it the thumbs up, you’re good to go. Game on for the sale!

Offer the Property

Ready to sell, but there’s a twist! If you’re all set to sell your probate property in Florida, there’s a little extra step you should know about. When you’re talking to potential buyers, just give them the heads-up that the court needs to give its nod before you can seal the deal. So, it’s a bit like a “wait for it” kind of situation.

Court Confirmation

Usually, after you’ve asked the court for a hearing to make your sale official, you might need to be patient. The court’s schedule can slow things down a bit. It could take anywhere from about 20 to 40 days from when you submitted your request. Just a heads-up, things might not happen super quickly!


Get ready to ask the buyer for a deposit of 10 percent. This deposit is calculated from the price of the purchase.


Since the main aim of selling a probate property in Florida is to get the best price for the estate, you need to let the public know about the court hearing through open bidding. This way, more people can join in and compete for the property, which helps to increase the final sale price.

Court Hearing

Next, you have to go to the court hearing and stay until the open bidding finishes, and a cashier’s check is given for the final amount. Your buyer, as well as anyone from the public, can join in the bidding. Each bid goes up by $500.

Refunding the Deposit

If someone offers a higher bid than your buyer during the court proceedings, you’ll need to return their 10 percent deposit. But if your initial buyer’s bid remains the highest, the money you got from them before will go towards the purchase.


Lastly, you can complete the contract for your probate property in Florida. Ensure that the property costs are paid for through financing. You’ll also need to place the entire amount into the estate fund.

We’re here to assist you during this difficult time and make the process easy. Call 123SoldCash today at (786) 904-1444 or send us a message to sell a probate property in Florida.

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