92. House with a lot of junk, the elderly gentleman he needs to move to assisted living facility.

House With A Lot Of Junk, The Elderly Gentleman He Needs To Move To Assisted Living Facility.

My name is Chris Russo with 123SoldCash.com. Closing in the title company in this case we have a house with so much junk, the house belongs to elderly gentleman, he could not handle, also he needs to move to assisted living facility. I just come out of a title company with another closing by one two three sold cash and I’m going back to my car now let me tell you about little uh story about this property there’s an elderly gentleman he’s very ill sick he had a lot of problems he was going in and out of the hospital his house had a lot of items in the property a lot of junk and I’ve been following up for him for about one year and finally he decided you know I had enough so I said Joe I go on the property was in a Margate and I go Joe listen I can help you out and I know you’re stressed and you’d want to leave everything behind but it’s always good to like move forward and uh in life and just forget about the the past and just keep moving and uh he didn’t want to do it he wanted to hold on to his memories and everything else and I told him Joe when you’re ready and you make up your mind you’re you’re going to be the one to make up your mind and Society I wanted to sell so Chris have a lot of items in the property and I want to keep them and it’s an elderly gentleman so I’ll tell you what I’ll do I will open up an account uh out of the local storage and uh I’ll do that for you and I’ll bring some of your things there also your personal items so I rented a truck I went over there I met with them one day and he said okay fine it was so super happy so we got as many things as he wanted his personal items there was a you know on Atari game uh some uh albums um some memories of his mom and his dad so I helped them out and I forgot to tell you he was in the hospital for a while then uh he got out and he lived in an assisted living facility so that what really made up his mind and the living assistant facility uh they took care of him he had a clean bed everything was clean so he was really happy so he goes okay so he hired an attorney a lot of times sellers do and I said oh no problem so what happened is we did the closing with my title company but he wanted to go to his attorney to sign the seller docs so I met over there spoke to the attorney signed everything and uh and then they forward the paperwork to my title company and then we close again to this day he calls me and says Chris thank you thank you I don’t know how to thank you so much I don’t know how it is with elderly people you know they had all these items all these memories for years and years and they don’t want to stop but they need to sell they can’t handle it there’s roof problems with which is a big expanse AC I mean that the the house was totally trashed because he’s not able to keep up with it and uh in fact he even gave me like a what’s it called uh when there’s air pressure the cleaners that you clean the pavers Chris you want to you can have it all right okay thank you and uh so he’s very happy so this is just another closing from one two three sold cash and um I’m always looking you know to help the next seller and there’s always sellers calling in from my TV advertisement or my other advertisement that I’m doing at first I just want to listen to them and see you know what their situation is and first and foremost I want to help them out and by helping them out I feel good A lot of times they’ve refer me to their friends their neighbors or even if they don’t just by helping a seller out and how it is one day I will get old everyone gets old and I wish I would have a person like Chris Russo from one two three Soul cash that would help me out again this is life and Story the day of Chris Russo one two three sold cash I’m always getting calls people you know needing help and I’m out there to help them okay thank you very much and I’ll see you on the next video bye-bye

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