266. What You Should Know About Dealing With Probate Real Estate in Florida

If you find yourself confronted with a probate property situation in Florida, you’re bound to have a myriad of questions swirling in your mind. Fear not, for we are here to provide you with valuable insights and practical advice on navigating this intricate domain. In the following sections, we will shed light on probate properties, unravel their mysteries, and equip you with effective strategies to handle them seamlessly.

What exactly is probate?

When a homeowner passes away and their property is not held in a trust or co-owned with someone lacking full rights of survivorship, probate becomes the necessary legal process that follows. It involves the potential sale of the real estate, allowing the proceeds from the transaction to be divided among the beneficiaries. If the will does not specify who should receive the property, or if it is designated for multiple individuals, selling the property through probate is typically required. To initiate the probate process, the first step is to determine where it should take place. Typically, it begins in the municipality where the property is located. However, specific counties may have their own requirements for conducting probate proceedings. Engaging the services of a lawyer is essential during this stage. They will carefully examine the will, prepare the necessary paperwork, and guide you through the intricate court procedures. Ultimately, the judge will make a determination based on the previous owner’s will to ascertain the rightful ownership of the real estate. It is quite uncommon for a judge to rule against the provisions outlined in the will.

Who bears the financial burden of probate?

You have two options: paying for probate costs out of your own pocket or arranging for the expenses to be deducted when the property sale is finalized. The executor of the estate plays a key role in this regard. They establish a listing price for the property, negotiate the sale, and execute the sale contract. The lawyer handling the probate will then send their invoice to the title company responsible for the real estate transaction. The probate costs will be deducted from the proceeds obtained from selling the property. It’s important to note that the fees can vary greatly depending on the state and the property’s value, ranging from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars.

Can you list probate real estate for sale?

Selling or even listing the property before completing the probate process or obtaining court approval is not permissible. To list the property, you must petition the court for permission. Once the property is available for sale, you can entertain offers and enter into contracts. However, the closing of the sale will only occur after the probate process is fully completed. When the probate case is filed, the title company will be informed of the authorized individuals who can legally sell the property.

Determining the appropriate selling price is crucial. To do so, you must have the property appraised to determine its value and identify any structural issues that must be disclosed in the sales contract. When evaluating offers, it is essential to consider the associated probate costs. For vacant lots, ensure that the offer is sufficient to cover all expenses. Most houses and other types of real estate typically sell for amounts significantly higher than the cost of completing probate. If you seek a prompt sale, listing the property on the lower end of the market comparables or appraisal price will attract offers more swiftly.

What happens after accepting an offer?

Once you receive an acceptable offer or negotiate a price you are willing to sell for, it’s time to execute the contract. If you have any questions or concerns about the contract, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a real estate lawyer who can help you understand the terms, conditions, and riders necessary to finalize the deal. After selecting the title company, make sure to provide them with the probate lawyer’s invoice. This ensures that the bill will be taken care of from the proceeds of the sale.

Navigating the probate process requires knowledge and guidance. By understanding the intricacies involved and seeking appropriate professional assistance, you can successfully manage this legal journey. While the complexities may initially seem overwhelming, arming yourself with information and relying on expert support will empower you to navigate the process and meet all necessary requirements.

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