113. A abandoned house devalue and spoil a community, what is my strategy to help the community?

A abandoned house devalue and spoil a community, what is my strategy to help the community?

A abandoned house devalue and spoil a community, what is my strategy to help the community?

Hello good morning my name is uh Chris Russo with 123SoldCash.com how you doing today? I’m driving around looking for uh distressed properties sellers that I can help and I think I just found one right here let me see if I can reverse this let me see hold on up here let me get out of the car I see one with a container with a container let me see yeah right now that’s enough Ready cars there’s a container in the front and then stress property there’s the container it’s like it’s abandoned container over there so I wrote down the name I mean the the number and the address of property and a letter in the mail and uh let me see if I can maybe try to call them all so uh so if I look it up and there’s a the name of a uh seller then it looks like there’ll be uh they look like they’re in distress and they need help from someone so every once in a while I drive by neighborhoods or if I’m going on appointments uh to an appointment I’ll look for anything that’s a distress like blue tarps on the the roof uh garbage cans in the back or in the front containers um overgrown grass cracks in the windows Etc uh this what I’m doing is the neighborhood looks very nice and um what I could do is if I were to buy this I would improve the neighborhood so all the neighbors would love me to death if I can fix it up because right now it’s it stands out as a property that’s vacant abandoned and so if I can improve this house I can prove the neighborhood so I can help two things I can help all the neighbors by improving their neighborhood and it can also help the uh the seller and I’ve been doing this now for 30 years I’ve dealt with evictions I dealt with squatters properties bomb properties that are abandoned estate probate inheritance uh so if I look it up and I see that it’s owned by a seller not a bank I’ll send them a letter a card in the mail and then probably try to reach them or I can go to each side of the house speak with the neighbors to see what the situation is um if I can get a hold of the seller it could be the seller it could be an inheritance of probate if I can get in contact with the seller or The Heirs to the deceased seller give them a call and tell them that I’m interested in buying the property it’ll be an all cash transaction as is close as quick as 30 days or before or date of your choice a lot of times they have their belongings in there it’s too much it’s too stressful for them to uh take out their belongings so I said you know what since I’m going to repair the property want to just leave the belongings behind and my crew will take it out when I buy the property and then also I say you know make sure that you take your personal belongings before I close on the property and uh so I love these kind of houses uh two things I love to buy them and also to help the sellers and help the neighborhood so again this is Chris Russo with one two three sold cash been doing this for over 30 years I’ve seen almost every type of situation but there’s always something new coming up and um let’s see what happens with this and I’ll see you on the next video take care bye-bye

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