476. 6 Ways Working With A Professional Home Buyer Will Save Your Money in Hollywood, FL

6 Ways Working With A Professional Home Buyer Will Save Your Money in Florida

Working with a professional home buyer will save you a ton of money when selling your house in Hollywood, FL. Don’t rule out a direct sale until you learn more about what our process will mean for you! 

If you’re in search of the most advantageous approach to sell your house in Hollywood, FL, it’s worth noting that numerous homeowners in the area have been pleasantly surprised by the financial benefits of collaborating with a direct buyer. This alternative often enables them to retain a more substantial portion of the proceeds from their property sale compared to what they might have received if they had opted for the services of a Hollywood, FL real estate agent.

Before making a definitive choice regarding the method to sell your Hollywood, FL property, we strongly recommend that you take the time to calculate the financial aspects pertaining to your specific situation. By performing this analysis, you’ll gain valuable insights that will empower you to make an informed and financially prudent decision regarding your property sale. Below, we’ve outlined some of the expenses that we can assist you in avoiding when you choose to work with the experienced team at 123SoldCash.

Sell Without Commission

Selling your house through a Hollywood, FL real estate agent often entails commission costs if your property successfully sells through conventional means. These commissions typically hover around the 6% mark of the final sale price. To put it into perspective, if your house manages to fetch a price of $250,000, you’ll be facing an immediate outlay of $15,000 in commissions payable to your agent. However, when you opt to collaborate with 123SoldCash, you’ll find solace in the fact that there won’t be any commissions or additional selling fees to fret over. This translates to a significant sum of money, a substantial $15,000 in this case, that you won’t need to factor into your decision when considering the prospect of selling your Hollywood, FL property directly to 123SoldCash.

Avoid Repairs and Upgrades

Collaborating with the 123SoldCash team presents you with the opportunity to sell your house exactly as it is, completely bypassing the need for any costly repairs or upgrades. The conventional approach to listing a house in Hollywood, FL often compels homeowners to embark on repair projects even before the property hits the market. Subsequently, they encounter the unexpected scenario where potential buyers, following the inspection, seek to negotiate further repairs as a precondition for finalizing the sale.

This situation can result in some individuals spending more money and time on renovations than they initially anticipated, all in the pursuit of closing the deal. However, when you opt for a direct sale, you can sidestep these hassles and expenses entirely, allowing you to sell your house without investing any additional resources in fixing it up.

Immediately End Your Holding Costs

Have you ever truly considered the comprehensive expenses associated with homeownership? When you take into account the various financial obligations such as utility bills, taxes, insurance premiums, HOA (Homeowners Association) fees, and the myriad of other costs that homeowners typically encounter, you may find yourself genuinely surprised by the cumulative total.

Opting for a swift sale of your property can potentially translate into substantial savings, amounting to thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise expended on maintaining the house. By selling quickly, you have the opportunity to promptly halt the ongoing financial burden of property ownership instead of enduring these expenses for months on end. Contemplate the significant financial benefits of selling your Hollywood, FL house expeditiously and consider the amount you can potentially save.

No Cleaning or Maintenance

When you decide to list your house on the MLS in Hollywood, FL, it’s essential to maintain its cleanliness consistently. You can never predict when a prospective buyer may express interest and wish to visit your property, often with minimal notice. There are instances where potential buyers may request immediate viewings, and as a homeowner looking to sell, accommodating their requests becomes a priority.

To address this need, some homeowners choose to enlist the services of a professional cleaning company when preparing to list their house in Hollywood, FL on the market. Others prefer to handle the cleaning and maintenance themselves. Regardless of the approach you take, it’s important to acknowledge that both time and money will be invested in the cleaning and ongoing upkeep of your property as you strive to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

No Closing Costs

When you opt for a conventional sale of your Hollywood, FL house, you’ll typically find yourself obligated to allocate approximately 2% of the final sale price toward covering various closing costs. To put this into perspective, if your property is valued at $250,000, you’ll essentially be parting with an additional $5,000 as part of the overall expenses associated with the sale. These costs encompass various expenditures such as the title search, transfer tax, and title insurance.

However, when you choose to sell your house directly to 123SoldCash, you’ll be relieved to know that these customary closing costs are effectively handled on your behalf. We take care of all the necessary procedures and expenses related to closing, simplifying the process and alleviating one less concern you need to ponder when you’re in the midst of selling your Hollywood, FL property.

No Marketing, Staging, or Photography Costs

While some marketing, staging, and photography costs can be included in the price of a traditional listing, there are many cases in which a homeowner will find themselves paying for these things out of pocket. Maybe their agent uses photos they took with their phone, or many the agent isn’t utilizing premium online listings. Quite often, someone who really wants to sell a house in Hollywood, FL, will take things a bit further than what their agent does. Photography, staging, and additional marketing services are all utilized by home sellers who want to get rid of their homes as quickly as possible.

Every situation is different and we encourage you to run the numbers for the house you would like to sell in Hollywood, FL before you make your decision about how to sell!

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