346. 5 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Commercial Property To an Florida Investor

When considering the sale of your property, a multitude of motivations might drive your decision, and the methods for selling are diverse. You possess the choice to employ the services of a conventional real estate agent, take on the task of selling your commercial property independently, or even opt for the route of selling your commercial property to an investor rooted in Florida.

Understanding the Buyer

In Florida, FL, experienced property investors tend to finalize transactions more swiftly compared to conventional buyers, often utilizing full cash payments. Traditional purchases of commercial properties often entail bank qualifications, mortgage underwriting processes, property inspection durations, and there’s a risk that the buyer might not ultimately qualify. Furthermore, the usual commissions paid to buyer’s or seller’s agents, typically around 3% per side, result in substantial savings – a significant amount, like $12,000 on a $200,000 property sale!

Remarkably, professional property investors usually forgo charging significant transaction fees, or if any, they are considerably lower compared to conventional commissions or closing costs. Another advantage they offer is the option for mail-away closings, a particularly valuable feature for property owners situated out of state.

No Preparation Necessary

In FL, seasoned property investors often acquire commercial properties in their existing condition. For sellers, this implies that you’re relieved from the need to address repairs or unexpected additional costs prior to closing the deal. Interestingly, certain companies even eliminate the necessity for inspections when selling your commercial property, resulting in a genuine “as-is” transaction.

Extended Occupancy

Experienced property purchasers approach transactions with an investment perspective. Their intention isn’t to occupy the property immediately after the deal is sealed. Many property investors offer a period for you to move out after the closing, providing you the flexibility to relocate at your convenience. This flexibility is particularly advantageous given the rapid closing timelines. Moreover, you might not be required to thoroughly clean the property before departure. Instead, you can focus on packing your personal belongings and desired furniture, leaving the remaining tasks behind.

Sell With Confidence

When you make the choice to work with a seasoned property investor in Florida, FL, the emotional ride of property dealings becomes a thing of the past. There won’t be those exasperating phone interruptions during dinner, demanding your presence for property tours. You’re free from fretting over your business or tenants maintaining a spick-and-span appearance, just in case a showing comes up.

The hassle of potential encounters with buyer’s agents or their clients, along with the tricky questions they might pose, fades away. No longer do you bear the burden of disputes with buyers over your tenants’ furniture choices—what stays and what departs. With this approach, the waves of worry are calmed, and a smoother journey unfolds.


Selling your property to a seasoned property investor is a straightforward process. They’ll outline each step of the journey and often provide concise, crystal-clear contracts that serve as simple as-is purchase agreements. This also means a reduction in your exposure to legal uncertainties. The concern over the buyer uncovering undisclosed details or disliking certain aspects of the property or its surroundings becomes a thing of the past.

In the world of traditional real estate contracts, there exists the potential for buyers to take legal action if they believe they were deprived of information or if they perceive the facts were misrepresented. Skilled property investors are already well-informed about the property’s condition, willingly embracing that risk without demanding any repairs.

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